Turkish Airlines cancellation Policy

Turkish Airlines cancellation

Turkish Airlines cancellation policy allows passengers to cancel their tickets through three different methods. 

  • Official website,
  • Offline through Calls,
  • Mobile application,
  • Airport counter or
  • Ticketing office.

To learn about the Turkish Airlines cancellation process, refer these simple steps to proceed with the cancellation of flight tickets.

Turkish Airlines cancellation through official website

Turkish Airlines allows the cancellation of tickets through the official website. Passengers can visit the website to go for cancellation of tickets. Follow the method below to proceed.

  • Go to the official website of Turkish Airlines in the web browser.
  • Log in to the account.
  • Click on Plan and Book.
  • Fill the required credentials such as reservation code or ticket number with the surname.
  • Click on to proceed.
  • Then select the cancel booking. 
  • Next reviews the selection and 
  • Finally, submit the selection.

This, by following the above procedure, a passenger can go for the cancellation of their tickets.

Turkish Airlines cancellation through an offline method.

Turkish Airlines allows the cancellation of tickets through an offline method. Passengers can call the executives to carry out the process of cancellation by dialing +1-855-631-2654 The executives are ready to assist 24/ 7 with any issues relating to cancellation.

Turkish Airlines cancellation through a mobile application

Turkish Airlines permits cancellation if tickets through mobile applications also. Passengers can log in to their account and proceed further with the details necessary for the cancellation of tickets.

Turkish Airlines cancellation through airport counter

Turkish Airlines makes it convenient for the passengers to cancel their tickets through the airport counter. Passengers can look forward to canceling their tickets by visiting the counter within the mentioned time according to the cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines cancellation through ticketing office

Turkish Airlines has provided with an option to cancel tickets through ticketing office. These offices under the banner of Turkish Airlines cancellation policies adopt the same terms and conditions for the cancellation. Passengers should follow the rules before canceling the ticket. 

Turkish Airlines cancellation timings

As per Turkish Airlines rules and regulations, passengers can cancel their tickets 1 hour before the scheduled departure of the flight by paying an amount, charged as cancellation fees. According to the cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines, passengers have to pay cancellation fees if a ticket is canceled after 24 hours of booking. 

If the cancellation of the ticket is done within 24 hrs from the time of the purchase of tickets, then a full refund will be given back to the passengers. Cancellation of tickets can also be done 7 days before the departure of the flight.

It takes 20.working days for the refund process to be credited to the passenger account after the cancellation process. Cancellation fees depend on the routes and the class selected for traveling. Deduction of a certain amount while cancellation depends on the types of tickets purchased by the passenger.

Faq’s Related To Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Turkish Airlines cancellation according to types of Tickets

Turkish Airlines cancellation policy for Refundable ticket states that the passenger will get an amount refunded after the deduction of the cancellation fee from the original ticket fare. Whereas, passengers with Non-Refundable ticket is not eligible for a refund. There is a possibility that some amount might be refunded from Non-Refundable ticket after cancellation

Turkish Airlines cancellation charges of tickets

Turkish Airlines has its own set of rules against cancellation policy as per the fare. Economy Promotion fare tickets are non-refundable to the passengers and are also not eligible for a refund after cancellation.
Passengers who have purchased Economy Restricted Fare tickets, Economy Flexible Fare tickets, and Business Promotion tickets are also subjected to non-refund. 400$ is charged for the cancellation of tickets, for passengers with Business Restricted Fare tickets. Only passengers with Flexible Fare tickets can enjoy the benefit of no charges against cancellation fees.

Turkish Airlines canceled flight refund policy

Turkish Airline’s refund policy depends on the route and class of the passenger’s tickets. It permits its passengers to change flights at no cost or claim for a full refund if the flight has been delayed from its scheduled departure time. Well, Turkish Airlines never canceled flights, but if it happens then according to the Airline’s policy it provides accommodation until the next flight and even provides benevolence such as transportation between hotel and airport.

Turkish Airlines cancellation policy on compensation.

At times when there are natural disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes, floods, etc, then under the policy of cancellation, no refund will be compensated to the passengers. Compensation will be provided in the form of a voucher for future purchase of tickets or complimentary drinks and meals in case the flight has been canceled due to some other reasons excluding natural disasters.

Turkish Airlines cancellation and rescheduling of flights

Turkish Airlines allows passengers to cancel and reschedule their flights according to their convenience. Sometimes due to bug fixes and change of plans passengers can cancel their reservations. Follow the instructions below on how to cancel and reschedule a flight.
Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.
Search for a management fix.
Next, choose to change the flight link.
Enter the credentials such as booking number and last name.
Choose your choice of alternative flight.
Floor the steps provided on-screen to change the flight. 
Finally, pay the difference.
Thus, the rescheduling can be done after cancellation.