Thai airways Cancellation Policy

Apart from providing the facility of making the reservation and commute, the airline must also offer the service of cancellation for its passengers. The passengers that have made Thai Airways reservations can cancel Thai Airways tickets without any issue. Before making the cancellation it is recommended to go through the policy of Thai Airways flight cancellation to avoid an eleventh-hour fiasco.

Thai Airways cancellation policy to avoid any last-minute disappointments. The airline is known to offer travel services with a world-class experience to its passengers. In case you just made Thai Airways booking and now there is a change of plan then you can cancel Thai Airways flight within a period of a day after the purchase of the ticket.

Different methods of Thai Airways cancellation

Thai Airways offer various methods of cancellation for the flexibility of the passengers. You can choose the process from the options mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of the Airlines and cancel Thai Airways flight in the Manage Booking section.
  • Go to the airport to cancel Thai Airways flight on the kiosk without facing any issue.
  • You can also get in touch with the Customer Care Service to cancel the reservation you want. Simply call at +1-888-217-8136 for any cancellation process in Thai Airways cancellation. Provide the executive with the necessary details like Booking ID and the passenger's surname to cancel the reservations officially.
  • In case you have booked the ticket with the help of a TVA then get in touch with the same TVA (Travel Agent) to cancel the booking made.

How to Cancel Thai Airways Tickets Online?

In case you do not know how to cancel the Thai airways ticket then simply follow the process mentioned below:

Thai Airways Ca, Thai Flight Cancellation Policyncellation Policy
  • To begin with, the cancellation process, log in first to the Thai Airways account as this will make the process easier. On the official website of Thai Airways under the Homepage, Login option is available. 
  • Continue with selections through the options, 'My Reservations' or 'My Trips'
  • Proceed with the selection of the trips that need to be cancelled.
  • After the selection of the flight to be cancelled, a message will appear onto the screen seeking confirmation for the reservation to be cancelled. 
  • Once the selection is crafted to the confirmation section, automatically the tickets will be processed for cancellation.
  • The refund amount will accordingly be credited after deducting the cancellation fee from the passenger. This fee can later be used for future reservations.

Thai Airways Cancellation Policy

  1. In case, the patron wants to perform the cancellation then she or he needs to make sure for the cancellation to be done for the entire booking(if chosen any).
  2. After the Thai airways cancellation method has been performed by the customer then the cancellation fee will be charged for the process. 
  3. A cancellation fee of Thai Airways is based on various factors that include the types of tickets purchased by the passengers. 
  4. There are certain limitations on particular bookings for cancellation charges and refunds are not initiated on every ticket.
  5. Tickets acquired on packages includes show tickets, hotels, theme parks and many more which converts the ticket into a non-refundable.
  6. If a ticket purchased under packages that include hotel bookings, hiring of taxis, touring services, etc, then the respective amount for cancellation is charged under Thai Airways.
  7. Passengers desiring to proceed with the booking with Thai Airways along with hotel reservation must accommodate the hotel on the very first day of the booking. If in case a passenger does not board the hotel without any further notice then the booking of the hotel shall be nullified.
  8. When a passenger does not appear at the airport to board the booked flight after cancellation, the entire fare value of the flight will be subject to no refund.
  9. Passengers not showing up at the airport to board the flight are not eligible for return tickets booked under Thai Airways.
  10. After the travel has been initiated for the passenger, there are no changes or refund for the passenger if the availed services have not been utilised by the passenger.
  11. Refunds applied by the passengers are subjected to the restrictions laid down by the governing reversals, revisions and cancellations. The fees levied by the third party suppliers are also subjected to the relevant charges and fees.
  12. Under the Thai Airways refund policy, when the cancellation procedure is executed, the refunds amount will be credited to the passengers account through which the payment was initially carried out
  13. The amount to be credited to.the passengers account after the cancellation and refund process depends on the time taken by the bank to initiate the process.

What Is Cancellation Fee of Thai Airways

Cancellation free of Thai Airways directly depends on the type of the ticket purchased by the passenger. Below mentioned are the charges levied for cancellation of flight in Thai Airways.

For Flexi Saver Tickets:

  • A minimum of 200$ is charged by Thai Airways as cancellation fees for reservations under Flexi Saver tickets.
  • A maximum of 250$ might be charged by the Thai Airways for initiating the cancellation process.

For Flexi Saver Plus Tickets:

  • 100$ is charged as cancellation charges by Thai Airways for reservations done by the passengers under Flexi Saver Plus.

For Full Flex Tickets:

  • 100$ is charged as cancellation fee by Thai Airways for reservations done by the passengers under Full Flexi.

For Royal Silk Plus Tickets:

  • 100$ is also charged as cancellation fee by Thai Airways for reservations done under Royal Silk Plus.

For Flexi Tickets:

  • A minimum of 200$ is charged as a cancellation fee for reservations under Flexi by Thai Airways.

To know more about the cancellation policy of Thai Airways, you the website can be visited to clarify the doubts.