Thai airways Cancellation Policy

Apart from providing the facility of making the reservation and commute the airline must also offer the service of cancellation to the passengers. The passengers that have made Thai Airways reservations can cancel Thai Airways ticket without any issue. Before making the cancelation it is recommended to go through the Thai Airways cancellation policy to avoid any last-minute disappointments. The airline is known to offer travel services with a world-class experience to its passengers. In case you just made Thai Airways booking and now there is a change of plan then you can cancel Thai Airways flight within a period of a day after the purchase of the ticket.

Different methods of Thai Airways cancellation

Thai Airways offer various methods of cancellation for the flexibility of the passengers. You can choose the process from the options mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of Thai Airways and cancel Thai Airways flight in the Manage Booking section. 
  • Go to the airport to cancel Thai Airways flight on the kiosk without facing any issue.
  • You can also get in touch with the Customer Care Service to cancel the reservation you want. Simply call at 66(0) 2356 1111 as this is the Thai Airways cancellation contact number. provide the executive with the necessary details like Booking ID and Last name of the passenger to cancel the reservations officially. 
  • In case you have booked the ticket with the help of a TVA then get in touch with the same TVA (Travel Agent) to cancel the booking made.

How to Cancel Thai Airways Tickets Online?

In case you do not know how to cancel the Thai airways ticket then simply follow the process mentioned below:

Thai Airways Ca, Thai Flight Cancellation Policyncellation Policy
  • To begin with the cancelation process, the customer needs to log into the Thai Airways account as this will make the process easier. The login option can be found on the Homepage of the official website of Thai Airways. 
  • Make a selection on the option of “My Reservations” or “My Trips” 
  • Now the passenger will have to make a selection on the trip which they want to drop.
  • After making a selection on the flight a pop window will emerge on the screen where they will have to verify that they are assured to cancel the reservation chosen. 
  • Once you make a selection on the confirmation option, the tickets will be canceled officially. 
  • The amount of refund will be credited to the passenger after the deduction of the cancellation fee which can be used for the next purchases.

Thai Airways Cancellation Policy

  • If the patron wants to perform the cancellation then she or he needs to make sure that the cancellation will be done for the entire booking(if opted any).
  • After the Thai airways booking cancellation method has been performed by the customer then the Thai cancellation fee (if any) will be charged for the process. 
  • Thai Airways cancellation fee is based on various factors that include the type of ticket purchased by the passenger. 
  • Some sorts of bookings have certain limitations added to it as cancellation and refunds are not allowed on each ticket. 
  • There are tickets which are bought on the package that include hotel rates, theme park tickets, show tickets and much more which makes them non-refundable in nature. 
  • If a customer drops off a ticket purchased on the package that may include hotel reservations, car rentals, tour service, etc then the cancel charge for the respective service selected will also be applied on canceling the ticket with Thai Airways. 
  • The passengers who make a booking with Thai Airways and book a hotel room along with that need to be at the hotel on the first day of booking itself. In case the passenger does not reach on the first day of the booking without any notice then he or she may lose access to the reservation made with the hotel. 
  • If the passenger does not arrive for a flight without even canceling the reservation then the entire value of the fare will be taken by the airline. 
  • The passenger who does not show up for the flight will not eligible to get any return ticket they have booked with Thai Airways. 
  • Once the travel has begun for a passenger then there will be no refund provided to the passenger if he or she has not utilized any availed service that was included in the booking. 
  • The refunds applied are subject to restrictions detailed over governing reversals, cancellations, and revisions. These are all subject to the relevant charges and fees that may be applied by the third suppliers. 
  • After the cancelation process has been executed by the airlines then the refund amount will be credited to the credit card used by the customer while making the reservation as per Thai Airways cancellation refund policy.
  • The time slab of the refund process is directly determined on the bank on which credit card is issued.

Thai Airways Cancellation Fee

As mentioned above Thai Airways flight cancellation charges are directly dependent on the type of fare purchased. The following is the Thai Airways ticket cancellation charges as per the Thai airways cancellation policy

Flexi Saver Ticket:

  • The passengers who made a reservation with Flexi Saver ticket will be charged with $200 minimum as Thai Airways cancellation fee. 
  • They can be charged up to $250 maximum for making a cancelation with Thai Airways.

Flexi Saver Plus Ticket:

The customer who made a reservation with Flexi Saver Plus, they will be charged with $100 as Thai Airways flight cancellation charges

Full Flex Ticket:

The customers who made a reservation with Full Flex will be charged with $100 as a Thai cancellation fee.

Royal Silk Plus Ticket:

The customers who made a reservation with Royal Silk Plus, they will be charged with $100 as Thai ticket cancellation charges.

Flexi Ticket:

  • The customers who made a reservation with Flexi ticket will be charged with a $200 minimum as Thai Airways cancellation fee.

To know more about the Thai Airways Cancellation Policy you can visit the official website.