Thai Airways Baggage Policy

Thai Airways Baggage Policy, Thai Airways Baggage Allowance,

Before you plan your travel and board Thai Airways, you should always be informed about the baggage policy of Thai Airways. This can help you in packing your bags according to the limitations and conditions of Thai baggage policy. The baggage allowance depends on the class of cabin and the route of the ticket purchased on Thai Airways.

Thai Airways baggage policy has two concepts, one is the weight of the baggage and the other is the piece of baggage. The baggage policy of Thai Airways is different for the USA and Canada from other parts of the world. Therefore, you should read the Thai Baggage policy very carefully before planning your travel.

Free Baggage Allowance

Passengers are allowed to carry free baggage as specified by the Thai regulation and its terms and conditions. The weight allowance is applicable in the domestic sector and international routes except for the USA and Canada. For USA and Canada, the baggage allowance is based on the piece concept.

Free Check-in Baggage Allowance

Baggage according to weight on domestic routes: The weight of all the pieces should not transcend beyond the designated maximum consolidated weight. However, there is no restriction on the number of baggage you carry. The free baggage is based on the cabin class of Thai Airways.

1. Royal Silk Class40 kg
2. Premium Economy Class30 kg 
3. Economy Class30 kg; except L,V,W - 20 kg 
4. Infant not occupying a seat10 kg
5. ROP & Star Alliance Gold Members Extra 20 kg
6. Royal Orchid Platinum Member   (On TG sectors only) Extra 30 kg 

ROP Silver Member: 10 kg

Baggage according to weight concept on international routes between TC2 and TC3 and within TC3:

1.TC2-Europe, Africa, Middle East

2.TC3 -Asia, Australia, New Zealand

1. Royal First Class50 kg 
2. Royal Silk Class40 kg
3. Premium Economy Class40 kg
4. Economy Class 30 kg (for tickets issued after 09 Aug 2019)
5. Infant not occupying a seat10 kg
6. ROP & Star Alliance Gold Members Extra20 kg 
7. Royal Orchid Platinum Member (On TG sectors only)Extra 30 kg
1. ROP Silver Member(On TG sectors only)Extra 10 kg

Baggage allowance according to Piece concept to/from USA and Canada

ClassPieceWeight Dimensions
First (Royal First)232kgs158 cms
Business (Royal Silk)232kgs158 cms
Economy223 kgs158 cms
Infant not occupying seat123 kgs115 cms

Royal Orchid Plus (ROP) Gold Card members and Royal Orchid Platinum members are allowed to carry one extra baggage along with the regular allowance in any cabin class.

Carry on Baggage Allowance

Passengers of Star Alliance Gold Status, travelling in Business or First Class having tickets on two or more Star Alliance carriers are allowed to carry two pieces of carry-on baggage. While other passengers are allowed to bring only one baggage with a maximum dimension of length 56 cms (22 inches), width 45 cm (18 inches), thickness 25 cm (10 inches).

Besides one free piece of carry-on baggage, passenger can also carry handbag/wallet/purse having a maximum length 37.5 cm (15 inches), width 25 cm (10 inches), depth 12.5 cm (5 inches) or overall 30 inches weighing not more than 1.5kgs(3.3lb).

Any kind of liquids, aerosols, and gels in carry-on baggage must be packed in containers with a volume, not more than 100ml.

Excess Baggage Charges

Thai Airways excess baggage charges can be very confusing to understand. The charges are based on the weight of the baggage and the route of travel for some destinations while on USA/Canada routes, the charges depend on piece of the baggage. 

However, we will try to make it very simple to let you understand the charges on different routes of Thai Airways.

For domestic routes the rates are as follows:

 BangkokChiang Mai
Chiang Mai60-
Chiang Rai70-
Hat Yai80-
Khon Kaen55-
Surat Thani65-
Ubon Ratchathani60-
Udon Thani55-

For international destinations, the charges are as follows:

USDTo Zone 1To Zone 2To Zone 3To Zone 4To Zone 5To Zone 6
For Zone 112 USD / kg15 USD / kg40 USD / kg45 USD / kg70 USD / kg180 USD / piece
For Zone 215 USD / kg40 USD / kg45 USD / kg55 USD / kg
For Zone 340 USD / kg45 USD / kg55 USD / kg60 USD / kg
For Zone 445 USD / kg55 USD / kg60 USD / kg70 USD / kg
For Zone 570 USD / kg
For Zone 6180 USD / piece

The zone details are as follows:

Zone 1: Bangladesh, Thailand and TG Domestic Sectors in Thailand, Vietnam, Between Karachi and Muscat, Between Phuket and Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, Between Hong Kong and Taipei, China(Kunming), Laos, Malaysia, Between Taipei and Seoul, Between Phuket and Kuala Lumpur

Zone 2: China (Chengdu, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Xiamen, Chongqing), Brunei Darussalam, Between Hong Kong and Seoul, Macau, Nepal, Philippines, Hong Kong - China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan - China, Between Phuket and Hong Kong, Between Phuket and Beijing

Zone 3: Between Phuket and Perth, Australia(Perth), Between Phuket and Seoul, Japan, Korea, Bahrain, Oman, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Between Phuket and Taipei

Zone 4: Australia(Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane), Egypt, Israel, Russia(Moscow), Madagascar, Turkey.

Zone 5: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Between Copenhagen and Phuket, United Kingdom, Between Stockholm and Phuket,  Between Frankfurt and Phuket

Zone 6: United States of America, Canada