Sun Country Airlines Reservations

Sun Country Airlines allows booking and reservations through two different methods. For passengers, convenience online and offline methods are opted by Sun Country Airlines.

Choose Sun Country Airlines Reservations Method which easy for you

Sun Country Airlines Offline Reservations method

Passengers wishing to book and reserve their seats can do so by calling Sun Country reservations phone number 1-888-217-8136. The representatives are ready to serve 24/7 and will guide in the process of booking and reservations in Sun Country Airlines.

Sun Country Airlines Online reservations method

Sun Country Airlines online method allows a passenger to book and reserve seats through their official website. Follow the steps discussed below.

  • Open the dialog box at the top of the website's page.
  • Fill in the required credentials such as arrival, departure, date of travel, round trip, etc.
  • Also fill the next section with name, age, email id, phone numbers, etc
  • Continue with the payment options.

The confirmed tickets will be sent to the email address provided by the passenger traveling through Sun Country Airlines bookings and reservations. For booking and reservations of more than 10 people, hotel packages with more than one room, passengers have to fill the form provided on the website of Sun Country Airlines.

Sun Country Airlines mode of payment

Sun Country Airlines accepts payments through debit or credit cards while booking and reservation of tickets. Sun Country Airlines also accepts Signature Visas, Mastercard, and Visa cards for payment through online. 

Sun Country Airlines vouchers 

Passengers with Sun Country Airlines bookings and reservations are awarded Sun Country Airlines vouchers. 

During the check-out process, these vouchers can be redeemed online. Passengers have to insert the voucher number in the designated place. 

Sun Country Airlines electronic vouchers 

To redeem Sun Country Airlines electronic voucher, passengers have to put the credit code and name in the designated field during the check-out process. 

Sun Country Airlines rewards points

Sun Country Airlines rewards points while traveling and allows passengers to redeem or combine points with debit and credit cards for payments. 

All the above-discussed profits can be gained through vouchers by passengers traveling through Sun Country Airlines booking and reservations.

Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy 

The Sun Country Airlines cancellation policy follows the rules that airfares and other components like baggage options, car rentals, and paid seat selection are not refundable. It can be canceled or changed only before the date and time of the departure of the flight. If a passenger cancels after the departure time and date then the value of the package components will be withdrawn.

Sun Country Airlines Baggage policy

Passengers traveling with Sun Country Airlines booking and reservations must refer to the policies before their journey.

Sun Country Airlines hand Baggage

The Hand baggage policy of Sun Country Airlines permits passengers to carry only one luggage. This luggage should measure not more than 17 inches x 13 inches x 9 inches. Passengers can slide the luggage under their seats while traveling with Sun Country Airlines’ booking and reservation.

Sun Country Airlines carry-on baggage 

The Carry-on baggage policy of Sun Country Airlines permits passengers to carry luggage measuring no more than 24 inches x 16 inches x 11 inches and weighing no more than 35lbs (15 kgs). The carry-on baggage is permitted only for those passengers who are traveling with bookings and reservations in first-class or have opted for it.

Sun Country Airlines Checked-in Baggage

The checked-in baggage policy of Sun Airlines allows baggage measuring not more than 62 linear inches and weighing no more than 50lbs (22 kgs). An extra charge will be levied upon passengers traveling with Sun Country Airlines booking and reservation if the checked-in bags are not included in the original tickets.

Sun Country Airlines check-In rules

To learn and understand more about Sun Country Airlines’ check-in policy for passengers with reservations read the topics below.

Sun Country Airlines Online Check-In

Online check-in is available for all flights of Sun Country Airlines. For non-US passengers with reservations, boarding passes can be collected from the airport's counter 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. Online check-in opens 24 hours and closes 2 hours before the departure of the flight. The online check-in process can be accessed through the airline's official page.

Sun Country Airlines Airport Check-In

Sun Country Airlines opens check-in at the airport 2 hours and closes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight for passengers with reservations at United States airports. Check-in closes 1 hour prior to departure for international flights.

Sun Country Airlines Class facilities

Sun Country Airlines provides passengers with reservations according to their choice of class for the reservations of seats. Know more about it described below.

Sun Country Airlines Economy Class

Sun Country Airlines' only economy class provides comfortable and friendly customer service while traveling. Few seats have USB and AC power outlets for charging. Complimentary beverages are also served while onboard. Three types of seats are available for passengers- Best, Exit row and Standard 

Best seats

Sun Airlines offers one free alcoholic drink, 150% recline seats, 4 inches more set pitch, and priority boarding for passengers with reservations.

Exit row seats

Sun Airlines does not offer this seating for all.passengers due to the FAA (Federal Aviation Association). However, in Exit row seats are 9 inches more in pitch.

Standard seats

Sun Country Airlines’ standard seats provide 29-30 inches of seat pitch.

Sun Country Airlines Premium Economy class

Sun Country Airlines does not offer premium economy class facilities. Passengers can book for the Best class available in the economy class for reservation of seats.

Sun Country Business Class

Sun Country Airlines do not have a business class also. Passengers can go for any seats for reservation under economy class.

Sun Country Airlines First Class

Sun Country Airlines does not even have a First class for passengers. Earlier, it had all the facilities such as priority boarding, entertainment system, complimentary meals, etc.

Sun Country Frequent Flyer program

The Sun Country reward program allows passengers to earn points while booking tickets through airlines' partners and the airline Visa card. 100 points are earned through the purchase of each 1$ purchase in any Sun Country airlines. These points will expire after 36 months of earning.

About Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines, also known as Sun Airlines, has its headquarter at Minneapolis, United States. Founded in the year 1982 and started operating in the following year, Sun Airlines had a remarkable history of change in owners to bankruptcy. After the members of the Davis family from Minnesota purchased it in 2011, Sun Airlines showed outstanding growth with better services and business flourishing. Later, in 2017 it was sold to  Apollo Global management. Sun Country Airlines flies over more than 50 destinations and 85 routes within the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico.