Sun Country Airlines Check-In

How to complete the Sun Country Airlines check in process via the official portal?

All those passengers who are wishing to complete the Sun Country Airlines check in process via the official portal needs to follow all the below mentioned steps:-

  1. Launch the available browser and search the official website of Sun Country Airlines.
  2. Complete the authentication phase by using your login credentials(username and password).
  3. When you are on the homepage, look for the check in option and once you have the option select it.
  4. On the Sun Country Airlines check in page, you need to enter your ticket confirmation code with the family name of passengers.
  5. Select the name of each passenger and gain your e-boarding pass. In the meantime, you can also select desired seats at cheap and affordable prices. 

Note:- If you have stable internet connection and little technical knowledge then perform the Sun Country Airlines check in at the online portals, as you can perform web check in for free of charge. At the same time, the online check in process saves you time and effort.

Rules related to the Sun Country Airlines check in process

Those passengers who are in exit rows or traveling with infants, pets, groups, or have international flights cannot do the online check-in.All the passengers who are traveling within 50 US states can easily do the online check-in. 

The check-in time begins 24 hours before the scheduled departure and one can do the check-in up to one hour before the departure time. In most of the US locations, curbside check-in is available.

Ticket counters are primarily available at the most marked check-in points of the Sun Nation Airlines, up to two hours before check-out is scheduled. At least 10 minutes before departure of the aircraft, passengers must board the flight. The aircraft can not fly passengers who haven't reached the time. In the meantime, shift expenses or cancellations can also arise.

The online check-in points of both Sun Nation Airlines are shut down one hour before your planned flight departure for check-in. This covers both international airports and in the case of American airports the deadline is 45 minutes. At the departure gate for domestic flights, passengers shall be present at least 30 minutes before their scheduled departure and at least 60 minutes before their international flights departure.

Here are the options that are available for the Sun Country Airlines online check in

  • One can do online or web check-in
  • Counter check-in, self-service, and kiosk  are also available at the airport

Online Or Web Check-In Process

  • Those passengers of Sun Country Airlines who want to do Sun Country Airlines flight check in online, they can do it for their flight any time starting from 24 hours before the scheduled departure of their plane. 
  • The facility of online check-in is available for all passengers of Sun Country Airlines. However, they need to follow all the terms and conditions of the online or web check process. 

Note:- All the passengers must check-in before one hour of their scheduled departure flight. The online check-in facility should be found in this case that only domestic flights operating in all the cities of the United States are available.

Limitations of the Sun Country Airlines flight check in online:

  • Passengers who have infants along with them are not permitted to use web or mobile check-in as an option.
  • Those who are either traveling or going to foreign countries or going abroad.
  • Unaccompanied minors are not allowed to online check-in.
  • Passengers who are traveling in a group of either 15 or more people also cannot check-in online.

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