Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

Cancellation or delay of Southwest Airlines:- what Reimbursements Can You Get?

First, check the conditions of the southwest airline cancellation policy.

Cancelling a flight is irksome sometimes. Several airlines impose significant exchange rates and do not offer small refunds or refunds for cancelled flights.

Fortunately, Southwest Airlines (the Caribbean and Domestic flights of my favourite airline) does not charge a cancellation or change fee. Yes, you read it right: no commission!

Principally, while cancelling a flight, you paid for in cash, you will receive all the money in credit (refereed as travel fund by Southwest Airlines). For tickets paid by you with Rapid Rewards points, you will receive a full refund of the points.

Southwest Cancellation Policy: Flights Paid In Cash Or Points

If one applies to cancel a Southwest flight within 24 hours of booking then he has to pay nothing. Exclusion of charges upon pieces of baggage, user-friendly frequent flyer programs, excellent customer service, no exchange and cancellation charges. If Southwest Airlines takes me wherever I would like to travel then, I will always prefer Southwest.

Southwest Airlines's  24-hours cancellation policy is considered as outstanding in the Aviation industry. It’s generous, but it depends a bit on the class of ticket purchased by you.

Wanna Get Away Tickets

Wanna Get Away tickets are regarded with the minimal prices offered by Southwest and what most of us would like to book for travelling. For these tickets, the rules for cancelling flights are slightly stricter than Anytime or Business Select fares and still remains a fairly liberal condition of the Airlines.

Cancellation of a fare bought with cash (such as a credit card), the total purchase price will be accumulated as travel funds for travelling in the future according to the southwest refund policy.

Cancelling within 10 mins prior to your flight. Travel funds should be utilised within a year from the date of purchase of the ticket. Moreover, calling Southwest customer support, delinquent travel funds are often reset at a 100$ fee.

A desire to continue with the cancel process for your Wanna Get Away fare tickets acquired with Rapid Rewards points then, all points will be accumulated in your account of Southwest Airlines. Taxes allied with the ticket (5.60$ for one-way domestic flights) are retained as for future use of funds for travelling.

If you do not cancel and show Wanna Get Away ticket within the time period of 10 mins of the departure of the flight then, no refund will be given as mentioned in Southwest Airlines refund policy.

Business Select, Ad-Hoc And Tickets for Seniors.

Anytime tickets and Business Select provide a more permissive cancellation policy rather in comparison with Wanna Get Away tickets, but these tickets are over-priced. Elderly rates are subject to the same loose southwest flight policy of cancellation.

Anytime, Business Select or Senior ticket, if cancelled by you then, 100% of the purchase price will be credited to the original payment method. The policy is levied upon to the two, cash tickets and Rapid Rewards points.

If you do not participate with Anytime or Business Select or Senior tickets (considering not to proceed with the cancellation, a minimum of 10 mins prior to the departure of the flight), the original purchased price of the ticket will be transferred into funds for travelling which can be later used for journeying flights within a period of 12 months from the date of it's booking.  Points will be credited back to your account when points from Rapid Rewards are utilised.

If you change an existing flight, you will not be able to refund the ticket. If additional changes or cancellations are required, the purchase price will not be refunded but will remain as reusable travel funds. We recommend that you cancel your original flight, rebook your new flight, and maintain a fully refundable status on your ticket.