Skyjet Airlines Contact Number

SkyJet Airlines belongs to the operation which is led by Magnum Air which is a type of boutique airlines established in the Philippines. It was the initial airline boutique in Manila. SkyJet Airlines regulated its commercial flight in 2012, in the month of December at the same time the launching of the route on Manila-Basco. The aim of SkyJet is to offer the jet services to the dream of island destinations around the Philippines.

SkyJet aircraft flies from its headquarters at ‘Manila Domestic Airport’ which is at Ninoy Aquino, to Bombardier SkyJet International and to many more destinations in Philippines.

So if you are planning to travel to the various Philippine travel destination then you can surely fly on SkyJet Coron to Manila, on SkyJet Manila to Siargao promo, on SkyJet Batanes and so on as these are some of the famous places to travel which has natural jaw-dropping scenic beauty.

Through this article we shall bring forward to you the idea of SkyJet travel reservation and cancellation method in simple terms.

What are the SkyJet air booking methods:

SkyJet Airlines offers both Online and Offline methods for SkyJet airlines airlines Philippines bookings and reservations and also in SkyJet flight cancellation.

How to do SkyJet reservation via Online:

  • Through the official website.
  • Via App

i. SkyJetair reservations or SkyJet rebooking via the official website:

The steps that are needed to be followed 

on how to book SkyJet Airline tickets online:

  1. Go to the SkyJet official website:- At first, from the preferred web browser on your device, go to the SkyJet official website at
  2. Make the required selection:- In the next step, one must make the required selection such as the skyjet destinations, the date of departure, number of passenger, round trip, one way trip, time and so on.
  3. Hit the 'Search' tab:- Then in order to proceed hit the button on 'Search'.
  4. Select the flight that is more preferred:- Now, look for the flight which is preferred and then by tapping on the button on the left side of the viewed flight details make the desired selection.
  5. Read the SkyJet 'Terms and Conditions' and then select if you wish to agree:- Next, go through the 'Terms and Conditions of SkyJet' carefully and make your selection on agreeing to it by clicking the box.
  6. Put the captcha or code to proceed:- Then, enter the captcha or code that is displayed and click on the 'Continue' button so as to proceed.
  7. Furnish all the details on the passengers:- Now, furnish all the details of the passenger for the reservation.
  8. Provide the  details on desired Baggage option or on Sports equipment if any:- Next, one can provide the details on the desired option on Prepaid Baggage and on Sports equipment if there is any of them.
  9. Make Payment from the credit card or via SM Tickets or Cebuana Lhuillier for the booking:- In this step, one needs to make the payment for the reservation of tickets which can be proceeded through credit card, SM Tickets or via Cebuana Lhuillier.
  10. A confirmation mail will be forwarded by the Airlines:- Lastly, on successful payment a mail on confirmation of tickets will be forwarded to your registered email address or phone number.

ii. SkyJet reservation through Mobile App:

In order to book tickets via App the same procedure needs to be performed as in the online method.

You just need to download the official app of SkyJet Air on your iOS device from the App Store and on Android device from Play Store and then continue the process same as in the online official website method where the passenger needs to enter his/her details along with the date time and destinations of the journey.

How to do SkyJet air booking through Offline method:

The offline method comprises of two modes:

  • Over the call.
  • Via the ticketing window at the Airport.

a. SkyJet booking by Phone:

  1. Call the SkyJet office contact number:- Firstly dial the SkyJet airlines phone number at +1-877-209-1629 and talk to the reservation team about the bookings.
  2. Provide details of the passenger:- Now, provide the required details of the passenger including the travel journey with the date of departure or the return date.
  3. Make the payment:- Then, make the payment of the bookings through credit cards on the flight as desired for the travel.
  4. Ask for the confirmation of tickets:- Make sure to ask the rep about the confirmation mail on successful booking.

b. SkyJet Reservation in the Ticket Counter:

The other offline method is booking through the Ticket window in the Airport.

  1. Visit to the nearby Airport:- At first, one needs to visit the nearby Airport ticket counter.
  2. Fill up the form:- Then, fill the ticket form with the required credentials.
  3. Pay for the ticket:- Next, pay the ticket fee through Credit card, debit card, Paypal wallet and so on. 
  4. Agent will provide you with the ticket:- After the successful payment the agent will lend you the ticket as a successful reservation.

What are the SkyJet airlines fleet:

The SkyJet Airlines operates a fleet of about 80-seater with BAE-146 manufactured by the British Aerospace in the United Kingdom.

The aircraft is specialised in taking short take-off or landing perfect way on small island airports which run on shortways.

What is the SkyJet airlines baggage allowance:

The SkyJet Airlines allows baggage as per the policy the Check-in baggage is free on one piece 10kg and hand carry baggage of 15 kg and for child passenger 10kg free  check-in allowance.

  • The rate of excess baggage is 360 Php/kilo (including VAT)
  • Each dimension 20cm x 32cm x 45cm
  • The maximum weight on check-in baggage is 32kg on each item.

Skyjet airlines online check-in:

For SkyJet airlines check in online is one must either visit the official website or its mobile application. Where you need to log in through the account and then go to the check-in section. Click on 'Yes' to proceed further. The online check-in saves time rather than standing on a long queue.


The SkyJet customer service offers the best support to each of its passengers. For any query or issues you can contact the SkyJet airlines customer service by dialing at +1-888-217-8136 or visiting directly @ 

They will let you know the status of the earlier claims, SkyJet airlines news and will also assist to  solve the issues and problems at early as possible.

For better services SkyJet offered various offices. One can contact to any of the Skyjet airlines office such as: