Qatar Airways Cancellation Refund Process

Qatar Airways Cancellation policy

Qatar Airways is popular as one of the finest Airlines in the world. the Airlines serves in 172 countries. The policies and rules of Qatar Airways are favourable to passengers. If a ticket cancelled by the customer the change fee will be charged according to Qatar airways cancellation refund policy. Depending on fare rules, reservations may not be changed, or fees may be charged.

For information on changes when using services such as the paid lounge service, check the Qatar airways ticket cancellation policy.

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

  • No cancellation charges applied for tickets cancelled within 24 hours of purchasing. To avail, this feature ticket must be booked at least 7 days before departure.
  • If the flight is cancelled by the Airline, the passengers get alternate flight without any extra charges.
  • Customers can cancel a flight prior to 3 hours of the departure.
  • If a flight ticket is cancelled after 24 hours of booking, customers have to pay a certain cancellation charge as per Qatar Airways policy.
  • Exchange fees are not applicable for changes made on the Qatar Airways flight cancellation policy.

Replacement Issue Fee

Air Ticket

If there is no difference in fare, tax, fee, etc. due to the change, and there is no change in the route, the fee will not be applied.  And in this case, it is possible Qatar airways cancellation within 24 hours.

If the applicable fare specifies a higher change fee, only that amount will be charged. EMD. You will be charged a replacement issue fee when you issue a replacement due to the extension of the validity period.

Refund Of The Fee

What to refund

For international tickets and EMD issued by other companies, please contact the other airline concerned.

Due to currency restrictions, refunds outside the country of purchase may not be possible, depending on the currency you paid.

The refund amount will be denominated in the refund country currency. In this case, there are no Qatar airways cancellation charges

1. If the purchase is in cash and the price is high, it cannot be accepted at the airport counter. For details, please contact the cancellation policy Qatar airways.

How To Get Refund Amount

Before the start of travel: Refunds will be made for the fare paid minus any fees, taxes, and fees.

After travel commences: the Qatar flight cancellation policy will refund the difference between the fare paid and the fare applicable to the already boarded flight minus any fees and unused taxes and fees.

There may be no refund, depending on the applicable fare.

If you would like a refund after changing your booking, the most stringent fare rules will apply.

Refund Method / Days Until Refund

When paying by credit card

The airline will refund the amount to your credit card account. Depending on the date of receiving the refund procedure and the status of each credit card company’s deadline/refund process, it may take about one to two months.

There is a case where billing of purchase and refund are settled at the same time, and only the fee is deducted. A case where the purchase is deducted once and balance deducting the fee is refunded at a later date. Please contact your credit card company for details.

It may take longer if you need to coordinate with other airlines.

When Paying By Cash

A refund will be made by cash or bank transfer (the customer will pay the transfer fee) or check.

In principle, refunds will only be given to passengers who are named as passengers on the ticket. You may need your customer number, official certificate, and power of attorney to verify your identity.

Official certificates: passport, driver’s license, insurance card, residence card, resident’s card, citizen’s card, townsman’s card, villager’s card, pension book, etc.

Refunds will be made to your designated account within ten days after the refund process.

It may take longer if you need to coordinate with other airlines.
Transfers (rebooking) and refunds for flights booked due to force majeure such as bad weather

If a flight is delayed or cancelled due to force majeure, such as a typhoon or snowfall, we will transfer or refund our flight.

Depending on the type of ticket you have and the transfer method, it may not be possible to meet your request.

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