Philippine Airlines Booking

Make a flight booking with one of the most famous airlines in Asia. Passengers can make Philippine Airlines reservations through multiple mediums that are described ahead in the article. We will also tell you about the Philippine Airlines advance seat reservation facility along with the booking management and the online seat reservation facility. If you wish to book cheap and best flights while sitting at your home, then the Philippine airlines must be your choice. Booking a flight with Philippine airlines is really easy, let’s get started.

About Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines was founded in 1941 and has been serving your travel demands since then. Its headquarter is located in the PNB economical district of the Pasay district. According to the official website of Philippine Airlines, it provides flight services to over 31 destinations located all around the Philippine. Philippine Airlines is considered as the 7th largest airline in Asia and has more than seven per cent market share. Philippine Airlines has a fleet size of 72 aircraft, the aircraft are of wide-structure and narrow-structure designs. The Airbus A350 and the Boeing 777 is the flagship aircraft of Philippine Airlines and the fleet also consists of Airbus A321 neo, Airbus A320, Airbus A330.

Method Of Philippine Airlines Reservations

Philippine Airlines Reservations,

Reservations By Official Website

Making a Philippine Airlines booking is a cakewalk. You can use the Philippine Airlines online seat reservation facility and make bookings without any hassle. Just visit the official website of the Philippine Airlines i.e. and simply select the origin and destination city to make a booking. You can make payments through a debit card, credit card, or a PayPal account.

Booking From Mobile App

In today’s world, we do a lot of things through our smartphone like food orders, grocery orders, etc, so why not flight bookings? Philippine Airlines provides its customers with a facility to book flights through their smartphones. You just need to download the official mobile app of the Philippine Airlines through which you can make new Philippine Airlines reservations, manage your bookings, etc. You can raise your queries through the customer support option on the mobile app. If you need to travel but facing a financial crunch, then you can go with the EMI transaction facility of the Philippine Airlines that says “Ride Now Pay Later”. Passengers also enjoy the Philippine Airlines advance seat reservation service through its mobile app.

You can download the Philippine Airlines mobile app through the below-mentioned link:

For Android devices:-

For IOS devices:-

Philippine Airlines Offline Booking

Passengers can make Philippine Airlines domestic flight reservations as well as international flight reservations by simply calling on the Philippine Airlines reservation number +1-888-217-8136. With Philippine Airlines, you get the cheapest flight tickets just over a call. Passengers enjoy great discounts and offer when they book a flight ticket with Philippine Airlines. You will get the best-in-class in-flight services at the least fare.

Flight Booking By Airport Counter/Kiosk

Other than the bookings through Philippine Airlines reservation number, mobile app, and the official website, passengers can also make a Philippine Airlines booking through the airport counter or kiosk. For those who wish to book their flight tickets through the airport counter/kiosk, just need to visit their nearest airport and make flight reservations with Philippine Airlines without any problem.

Philippine Airlines Customer Service

The Philippine Airlines customer support service is available 24*7 for resolving all the queries and problems of the passengers. They make sure that all the passengers have a great travelling experience with Philippine Airlines. Passengers can simply dial the Philippine Airlines customer service number +1-855-635-3038 regarding any type of query like ticket booking, ticket cancellation, baggage policy, flight change, etc.

Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy

Those travelling to the USA and Canada, are allowed to carry along two bags. The combined dimensions of each bag must not exceed 62 inches and the weight must be within 23 kg. If you wish to carry along extra baggage, then you need to pay a charge depending on your destination. For those travelling to/from Hawaii, are allowed to carry along two bags. The combined dimensions of each bag must not exceed 62 inches and the weight must remain under 23 kg. For those travelling in economy class and business class, the weight of the bag must not exceed 32 kg. For more details regarding the Philippine Airlines baggage policy, visit this link:- click here

Philippine Airlines Pet Policy

The Airline strictly does not allow any pet in the flight’s cabin. If you wish to travel along with your pet, then you need to provide a medical certificate for the same. You need to inform the airlines at least 48 hours prior to your flight departure if you want to ship your pet. You need to pay extra charges if you wish to book your pet as cargo. The assistance dogs are allowed to travel along for all the destinations but the normal pet dogs are only allowed to travel to and from the US.

Destinations Covered

Philippine Airlines provides its services in 9 national and 53 all over the globe destinations located in 24 countries and territories of Asia. The main served destinations are Europe, Oceania, and North America along with other 6 destinations at a major stretch.

Philippine Airlines Cabin Class

Philippine Airlines offers three different cabin classes for its passengers- Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and the Economy Class.

Business Class

The seats provided in the business class are in Chaiselongue position, with a mounted seat-back of 15.4-inch and an arm stretch of 10.6-inch. The traveller will get individual touch screen TV that permits travellers. The seats are provided with a laptop charging port and a USB port which encourages travellers to tune in to their mp3, watch recordings and photographs. The business seats of Philippine Airlines are really luxurious as the passengers get more services and comfort along with the AVOD systems for a very reasonable fare. Travellers can appreciate many movies, TV shows, and narratives when they fly with Philippine Airlines. They can likewise utilize instructive games to make the in-flight children’s experience progressively charming. Travellers will likewise find good gourmet meals which are set up by master chefs and experts, with increasingly special dinner combos offered via carriers for kids and older folks according to Individual tastes.

Premium Economy Class

The seats of premium economy class are more comfortable and spacious as compare to the economy class seats. You get a legroom space of 34-36 inches. All other facilities and services are the same as for the economy class cabin. You will be getting services like AVOD, in-flight meals, drinks, etc. The personal TV of premium economy class is provided with a bigger screen size of 13.3 inches IFF as compared to economy class TV.

Economy Class

The seat of the Philippine Airlines economy class is designed in wave-pattern blue, aqua and terracotta palette. All the seats are fitted along with 9 inches mounted seatback and a touch screen TV. You can move the bottom cushion up or down depending on your body structure. Passengers are provided with tray tables in the front of seat.