Lufthansa Reservations

Get the experience of seamless travel with Lufthansa Airlines right from Lufthansa flight booking. Being the largest German airline, Lufthansa Airlines takes customer comfort as its top priority. To enjoy all the special features of Lufthansa Airlines you need to first do the Lufthansa booking. 

Lufthansa booking can be done either online mode or offline mode. Lufthansa flight booking can be done from its official website anytime and from anywhere. Lufthansa online booking is very simple to do and it takes very little time to process as well. 

You can also make Lufthansa flight booking by calling on the Lufthansa reservations phone number which is dedicated to making only Lufthansa Airlines Reservations. 

Lufthansa Online Booking

If you want to make Lufthansa flight booking through online mode then follow these steps to proceed:

  • Open the official website.
  • Now click on the Lufthansa Manage Booking
  • You will get various options of Lufthansa Flights that you can choose from.
  • Now you will proceed to the Lufthansa Booking page.
  • Now follow the instruction as prompted by the website.
  • After confirming your destination you will be redirected to make payments. 
  • Choose the desired method of payment and then proceed further.
  • After a successful payment, you will get a confirmation of your Lufthansa flight booking. 

Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking

If you have booked your ticket on Lufthansa Airlines then you must know how to Manage Booking by visiting its official website. Lufthansa Manage Booking feature can be accessed by following these steps below:

  • Open the Lufthansa website.
  • Now click on the “View and Manage” option.
  • Now you need to fill in the Last name of the passenger.
  • Next, you need to enter the Lufthansa booking code.
  • Now click on the submit button to proceed.
  • On the next page, you can view your bookings.
  • Here you can also manage and make new Lufthansa Flight bookings.
  • You can also manage individual bookings here.
  • You just need to enter the Lufthansa booking code to access any individual bookings made on Lufthansa Airlines. 
  • Here you can also make changes to your bookings, or cancel your booking, or even make advanced seat reservations for your existing Lufthansa Bookings. 
  • You can also request for special diet on board for yourself and can even book Rail tickets.
  • Here you can even book a hotel or rent a car for yourself in advance.
  • You also get to buy your travel insurance here.

Lufthansa Seat Reservation

You can make advance seat reservations on some Lufthansa flights. This service lets you choose from a particular seating division (aisle, window or middle seat, or a seat with more legroom, or a seat in a preferred zone) if available. You can either take a seat reservation while booking your Lufthansa ticket or even after some time of booking your ticket but before 24 hours of your scheduled flight departure. You can book your Lufthansa seat by visiting the “My Booking” section on the website.

Lufthansa Travel Classes

First Class

First Class seats are available only on long-haul flights such as Airbus A330-300, A340-600, the upper tier of all Airbus A380s, and the main deck of all Boeing 747-8Is. The First-class seats can be extended to a 2 meters bed and also has laptop charging outlet and entertainment devices. First class passengers can enjoy free valet parking services and also get a personal assistant to receive them when they arrive at the airport. The assistant will assist you with the security checks and also help you to check in to your flight. This assistant will also help you in boarding your flight. You also get access to the First Class Lounge to relax before your flight departure. 

Business Class

Lufthansa offers Business Class on a few of the short and medium-haul flights and all the long-haul routes. The bed in the Business Class can be extended to become a flatbed of around 2 meters giving you home-like comfort even while flying in the sky. The interior of the Business Class is specially designed to make passengers feel more relaxed and comfortable. There are plenty of entertainment options available on this class that will keep you busy all through the journey. The meals are specially curated by professional Chefs. You will be served with exquisite cuisines and exotic wines served in the world-class tableware. 

Premium Economy Class

Lufthansa has introduced Premium Economy Class on its long-haul flights. First introduced on Boeing 747-8Is. This Class is a bit more spacious and comfortable as compared to the basic Economy Class. You are also allowed to carry extra baggage in this class. You also get a free welcome drink when you board on the flight. The seats have 11-12 inches of seat-back monitors to enjoy videos and music on-board. 

Economy Class

Although the Economy Class is the basic travel class, Lufthansa offers plenty of space to have a comfortable journey. There is plenty of legroom space where you can stretch your legs and relax on short and medium-haul flights. Passengers are offered free meals and drinks from the menu. Even in Lufthansa Economy Class, you will not feel less important on-board by the flight attendants and their services. 

Lufthansa Flight Reservation Number

To enjoy all the features of Lufthansa Airlines you need to first make a flight reservation on it. For Lufthansa flight reservation you can even call on the Lufthansa flight reservation number dedicated especially for reservations only. The support team is very polite and will help you with booking the right flight according to your requirements. Just call on the number

countryPhone NumberEmail Address
Lufthansa Reservations+1-888-217-8136
Lufthansa In Georgia995 32 2243324[email protected]
Lufthansa In Azerbaijan994 12 4 907050[email protected]
Lufthansa In India91 124 4888999
Lufthansa In China86 21 5352 4999[email protected]
Lufthansa In Hong Kong852 2868 2313[email protected]
Lufthansa In Japan81-3-4333-7656
Lufthansa In Singapore65 6245 5600
Lufthansa In Malaysia60 3 2052 3428
Lufthansa In Bolivia591 2 2431717
Lufthansa In Chile56 2 6301655[email protected]
Lufthansa In Brazil55 21 2169 8820[email protected]
Lufthansa In Albania55 (4) 223 5028[email protected]
Lufthansa In Germany49 69 86 799 79
Lufthansa In Denmark45 70 100 333
Lufthansa In Austria43 810 1025 8080
Lufthansa In Switzerland41 900 900 922
Lufthansa In Italy39 02 3030 1000
Lufthansa In Croatia385 72 220 220
Lufthansa In Belarus375 17 292 8999[email protected]
Lufthansa In Estonia372 6868 800
Lufthansa In Hungary361 411 9900
Lufthansa In Bulgaria359 2 930 4242
Lufthansa In Cyprus357 22873330[email protected]
Lufthansa In Ireland353 1 8 44 55 44
Lufthansa In France33 892 231 690
Lufthansa In Belgium32 70 35 30 30
Lufthansa In Greece30 210 6175200
Lufthansa In Eritrea291 1 186904[email protected]
Lufthansa In Gabon241 07 07 09 77[email protected]
Lufthansa In Algeria213-21-435767[email protected]
Lufthansa In Australlia1300 655 727
Lufthansa In USA1-800-645-3880
Lufthansa In Canada1-800-563-5954
Lufthansa In New Zealand0800 945 220
Lufthansa In Iran0098-21-83388[email protected]
Lufthansa In Bahrain00973 178 287 61/2/3[email protected]
Lufthansa In Egypt00202 19380
Lufthansa In Indonesia001 803 852 6562
Lufthansa In Ecuador(5932) 3970 370[email protected]
Lufthansa In Colombia(+57) 1 7447246
Lufthansa In Argentina(+54) 11 4319 0602