Jetblue Airlines Cancellation Policy

JetBlue Cancellation Policy

Jetblue has a very complex cancellation policy so you need to read Jetblue Cancellation policy very carefully before you book your flight. Any non-refundable ticket except Blue Basic Fare is allowed to be canceled before the scheduled departure of the flight. However, you will not get any refund from this Jetblue flight cancellation, instead, you will get a certain value as travel credit into your Jetblue Travel Bank that can be used to book any air travel on Jetblue.  The travel credit will be equal to the amount of canceled ticket after deducting the Jetblue cancellation fee.

Jetblue 24 hours Cancellation/Change Policy

If tickets booked with a travel date of a maximum of 7 days and would like to proceed with the cancellation, then you will be qualified for a refund. Perhaps, it should be noted that the cancellation of Jetblue flight must be executed within 24 hours of booking to receive full compensation by Jetblue Airlines. No cancellation fee will be charged for tickets cancelled within the time span of 24 hours of booking. Blue Basic Fare ticket bearers are not permissible to make any changes or cancellations. With Jetblue refundable tickets, changes can be carried out prior to the departure of the flight without any cancellation fee to be paid to Jetblue Airlines.

Jetblue Cancellation Fee

An extra non-refundable 25$ fee is charged per person for making changes or cancelling a ticket by calling Jetblue customer representatives. To sidestep the charges imposed by the Airlines on you, you can proceed with the change option or cancel option with your bookings by navigating the website of the Airlines,

The Jetblue cancellation fee relies on the fare of the ticket purchased. Any non-refundable ticket can be processed with the changes prior to the time marked for the departure of flight by paying a fee for cancellation charges up to $200 per head in addition to the price hike if any.

Basic Blue Fare

Basic Blue Fare is not eligible to make any changes or cancellation.

For Blue And Blue Plus Fare

  • 200$ is charged individually as a cancellation fee by Jetblue Airlines for a fare of 200$ or more in addition to any fare difference.
  • 150$ is charged individually as a cancellation fee by Jetblue Airlines for fare renting from 150$ to 199.99$ in addition to any fare difference.
  • There is a $100 per person fee for fares from $100 – $149.99 plus the difference in fare.
  • A fixed fee of $75 per person for fares under $100 in addition to any fare differences.

Blue Extra Fares

Blue Extra Fares need not pay any change or cancellation fee for their reservations before the scheduled flight departure. They need to pay just the fare difference if any for any modifications in their bookings.

Jetblue Refund Policy

Any Jetblue non-refundable ticket is not eligible to get any refund amount after cancellation. Jetblue will credit the value of the ticket after charging the cancellation fee to Jetblue Travel Bank to be used for future ticket purchases on Jetblue within one year when canceled before flight departure. There will not be any refund of any kind if the ticket is canceled after the scheduled departure.

A refundable ticket can be canceled at any time before the scheduled flight departure and get a full refund to the original mode of payment. If you fail to cancel the refundable ticket before the scheduled departure then you will receive the value of your ticket as travel credit into your Jetblue Travel Bank that can be used to purchase any new air ticket on Jetblue within one year.

If you have traveled partially and want a refund then you will get a refund equal to the value of the unused travel ticket.

How to Cancel Jetblue Flight

To modify or cancel your Jetblue reservations, click on the “Manage Trips” option on or by calling Jetblue customer support. To make any changes to your booking please be ready with the following details that will be required:

  1. Flight number
  2. Date of travel
  3. Confirmation number
  4. Passenger details such as name, DOB, contact details, etc.

Correction Of Name In Your Reservation

If the name on your reservation does not match the name on your passport, you can request a correction. To do this, contact us via social media or call JetBlue reservations Center.

Unfortunately, your name cannot be changed to someone else's - your ticket remains in your name.

It is Not Worth Asking For A Correction

  • If you have several first names and only indicated the first one when booking.
  • If only your maiden name is indicated, provided that it is the family name appearing on your passport.