Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

While booking your flight ticket, you should always try going through the policy of cancellation levied upon the passengers by the Airlines. When ticket booked on Hawaiian Airlines and due to unavoidable circumstances, you need to proceed with the cancellation of Hawaiian Airlines flight, then some simple and easy steps are to be followed. .First, read the policy of cancellation laid down for its passengers by Hawaiian Airlines to be well acquainted with its charges and returns before proceeding with flight cancel method.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight cancellation method

To proceed with the flight cancel method in Hawaiian Airlines, you need to get in touch with the customer representatives of the Airlines. Cancellation can be processed in  Hawaiian Airlines flight only by contacting the Airlines's representatives or by stopping over the ticket counter of Hawaiian Airlines located at the Airport. To cancel the Hawaiian Airlines flight through the online method is not accessible.

Hawaiian Airlines has some terms and conditions on their cancellation policy. Here are some of the terms that you should read carefully before Hawaiian Airlines flight cancellation.

  • There will not be any refund unless it is mentioned at the time of booking. 
  • Tickets are non-transferrable. 
  • Unused tickets are valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase. 
  • Partially travelled tickets are also valid for a period of one year from the date of initial travel.
  •  Hawaiian Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy will be applicable.  
  • Hawaiian Airlines cancellation refund policy will be applied at the time of refund for any type of cancellation. 
  • Flight coupons may be honoured in place of cash refunds that can be used in future bookings. There will be applied a change/cancellation fee at the time of processing the refund. 
  • There will be some minimum time limit for processing the request to serve you better. 
  • Any rule or fare charges may change without any prior notice. 
  • Other restrictions or rules might also be applicable at the time of cancellation.

Apart from the above terms and conditions, there are some special conditions that are applicable to some special Hawaiian Airlines flight cancellation.

Hawaiian Airlines cancellation fee

  • There will be a $30 charge on each route if you demand to reroute.
  • There will not any refund if there is any difference between fares for different routes.
  • In the Honolulu region, special fares for inter-island transfer will be applicable. This will not be valid in any other region.
  • There will not be any standby if you are eligible for a refund.
  • Charges and fees may change at any time without prior notice. Therefore, it is advised to contact the customer agent and understand the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy before making any changes.

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