Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel Frontier airlines flight by whatever the reason, you must aware of the Frontier refund policy. Cancellation charges vary depending upon how far is the date of travel and how much time later you cancel the ticket. If you want to change your flight then you also liable to pay change fee depending upon how much time before you purchase the ticket and how far is your date of travel.

Frontier Flight Cancellation Policy

All the tickets purchased with cash or points, if cancelled are subjected to cancellation charges as following.

  1. Zero cancellation charges for cancellation within 24 hours after the purchase of a ticket.
  2. Zero cancellation charges for ticket cancellation before 60 days to departure.
  3.  A $79 cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel the ticket within 59 to 14 days prior to departure.
  4. $119 cancellation fee will be charged, If you made your booking within 7 days of travel the cancellation fee will be $119.

Cancellation Policy For WORK Bundles

If you have purchased the add-on bundle WORK, you have not too worried about cancellation charges. If you cancel a ticket, you have to pay no cancellation charges, but you retain the value of the ticket for one year of the transaction date and can use it in future Frontier flight. To request a refund, you have to fill an online refund request form.

Ticket Purchased With Frontier Miles

If you want to cancel your Frontier miles ticket, you have to cancel itinerary and retain your Frontier miles into your account for a redeposit fee of $75. Redeposit fee is non-refundable. To avail of these benefits, you have to cancel a ticket prior to departure of the flight.

Frontier Airlines flight change policy

Frontier flight change fees and policies are almost the same as Frontier cancellation policy.

  • If you change flight within 24 hours after purchase there is no change fee.
  • If you change flight before 60 days to departure you will be charged zero change fee.
  • If you change flight within 59 to 14 days prior to departure you will be charged $79 as a change fee.
  • If you change your flight within 13 days of departure the change fee will be $119.

Change Flight Policy For WORK Bundle

If you have purchased a working bundle you have to pay nothing like a change fee. You have to pay the difference in the airfare price.

Ticket Purchased With Frontier Miles

If you change your ticket before 8 days of departure you have to pay no fee for a change in itinerary. If you change your flight within 8 days of departure, a $99 change fee will be applicable.

How To Cancel A Frontier Airlines Ticket

To cancel Frontier ticket please follows these steps:

step:- 1 Visit Frontier Airlines official website, log in to your account.

step:- 2 Select “Bookings” option.

step:- 3 Select the trip you want to cancel and select “Cancel Booking”.


does frontier airlines let you hold ticket reservation

Within 24 hours of purchase: You can cancel all the tickets and receive a full refund within 24 hours of purchase. There is no cancellation fee. When you sign in to My Trip, you can request a refund on the booking management page.

24 hours or more after purchase: Cancellation fees may apply if you purchase your ticket for more than 24 hours or if you book within 7 days of your trip. The value of the ticket will be retained for 90 days, and the value of the ticket may apply to future ticket purchases.

How to cancel flight on frontier airlines?

You can cancel Frontier airlines flight by visiting the official frontier website. If you cancel a ticket within 24 hours after booking, at least 7 days prior to flight you will get a full refund.

Does Frontier Airlines cancel flights?

Go to to check the current status for delayed and cancelled flights. Frontier airlines don’t cancel flights often. Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) new travel advisory issued for the public interest.

Can I cancel a flight on Frontier Airlines?

You can cancel a flight within 24 hours of booking for travel date after 7 days to get a refund. All other ticket cancellations are non-refundable.

Can you cancel a checked bag for frontier airlines?

Bags once checked can’t be cancelled at any circumstances. Online check-in opens 24 hours before the flight, you can check your bags along.

Do I get a refund from frontier airlines for cancellation?

If you cancel a ticket within 24 hours of reservations of frontier airlines, you can get a complete refund of your booking fee without any deduction.

Does frontier airlines charge a cancellation flight fee?

Frontier charge no fee for tickets cancelled within 24 hours after booking. If you cancel a flight after 24 hours of booking no money will be refunded.

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by Sarah Ortiz on Airlines Reservations Deals
Missing information

This article doesn't answer the question if you can actually request a refund from Frontier if you cancel flight 59-14 days prior to departure, or at least clarify that all your left with is the value of the ticket to be applied to a flight within 90 days. It also needs to clearly state what happens if you DON'T want to fly within 90 days and you want the net-of-cancellation-fee cash refund back.

by jackson on Airlines Reservations Deals
cancel a Frontier Flight

Being an employee in a multinational company you can never have a fixed date for your trip because of the high load of work. So I planned a trip on Jan 2020 and then I did not get leave on time. So I talked to frontier airlines customer service. They were so polite and helpful. That is why I got the full refund from them. Thanks to Frontier Airlines and their helpful services.