Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines is one of the top Airlines which charges fairly to the passengers, the Airline charges a fee for checked bag and carry-on bag but there are no hidden charges. As per Frontier Airlines baggage policy, these charges are variable with time and increase as take-off time is closer. So it is advisable to book your luggage as early as possible to save money.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees

Frontier Airlines charges for every checked-in bag regardless of which class you are traveling. As mentioned earlier baggage fees are variable with respect to time, weight, size and numbers of luggage you are carrying. Below we have given the list of Frontier Airlines baggage fees.

Baggage TypeChargeWeightSize (L+W+H)
Pre-booked carry-on$30-$4535lbs10″x16″x24″
Oversized bag$7550lbs63″-109″
Overweight bag$7551-99lbs62″
Gate checked carry-on$6035lbs10″x16″x24″
1st checked bag$30-$5050lbs62″
2nd checked bag$45-$5550lbs62″
3rd (+) checked the bag$85-$9550lbs62″

Frontier Airlines passengers can carry one personal item bag for free. The size of the carry-on baggage must be within 18″x14″x8″. Beyond this limit, you have to pat standard charges. The carry-on baggage can not be more than 24″x16″x10″ and weight should be 35 lbs at most If carry-on luggage surpasses this limit the luggage will be considered as checked-in luggage and will be charged as Frontier Airlines carry-on baggage fees. By pre-booking of you oversized or overweight luggage you can save a significant amount of your money. For more details visit the official Frontier Airlines website

How To Save On Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees

  • Book your check-in baggage as early as possible.
  • If you are a frequent flyer become an Early return, elite member.
  • Opt for bundle option which includes some check-in and carry-on luggage clubbing for discount.
  • Explore Frontier Airlines‘ official website to learn exclusion and waivers provided by the company. Frontier Airlines baggage policy is same for economy and business class.


Q-Does Frontier Airlines includes baggage charges in fare?

A-No, Frontier Airlines doesn’t include baggage fees in your fare. On some routes they offer bundle packages, so you don’t need to pay for every checked-in baggage.

Q-What is the charge for carry-on baggage?

A- For a standard size carry bag you have to pay nothing. for a piece of carry-on baggage more than size of 24″x16″x10″ and weight more than 35 lbs you have to check luggage and have to pay as per checked-in luggage charges.

Q-How to pay for baggage before arriving at the Airport?

A-You can pre-pay for luggage by visiting Frontier Airlines’ official website on your computer or on your phone. By ore paying the baggage charges you can save many dollars.