Singapore Airlines Flight Change Rules

One of the important aspects that the Airlines needs to assist its passengers is the change in flight service and on looking this Singapore Airlines allows to make a change in Singapore Airlines flight when faced with any emergency.

It is very essential to earn an adequate idea on Singapore Airlines flight change rules as you already planned to journey with it and its different methods on Singapore Airlines change flight, Singapore Airlines flight change fee and so on.

Can I change my flight with Singapore Airlines:

Yes, we can make Singapore Airlines change booking, only when we book our flights on the official website of Singapore Airlines and need to pay the Singapore Airlines change flight fee and the fare difference if there is any applicable on the ticket.

How to change flight Singapore Airlines and its methods:

There are both Online and Offline methods through which passengers can go for the Singapore Airlines flight booking change when confronted with unavoidable circumstances.

Let us discussed these methods in detail below for any itinerary change Singapore Airlines:

How to change booking Singapore Airlines Online:

There are two online methods for booking change Singapore Airlines. They are:

  • Via Official Website.
  • By Singaporeair Mobile App.

(a) Change Flight Via Singapore Airlines Official Website:

The online method and the steps required for Singapore Airlines change my flight we need to follow the below points:

  • Firstly, from the preferred web browser go to the official website of Singapore Airlines
  • Go to 'Manage Booking' section: (Now, look for the 'Manage Booking' tab and tap on it to open).
  • Fill the SQ E-ticket number: (Then, when the Manage booking page opens, here we need to enter our SQ E-ticket number or booking reference number).
  • Enter the last name of the passenger: (Next, we have to type in the last full name of the passenger as mentioned in the passport).
  • Click on the 'Manage Booking' option: (Now, just click on the button on Manage Booking so that the reservations we made will open up).
  • Select the flight on where you want to make the changes: (Tap on the flight on where you are looking to make the itinerary changes).
  • Apply for the changes that are desired as well as allowed: (Singapore Airlines change flight destination and so on as per the Singapore Airlines change policy).
  • Pay the Singapore Airline change fee: (In order to save your changes, you need to make payment as the Singapore Airline flight change fee).
  • Change details will be forwarded via email: (Lastly, on making all the required changes modifications and the payments Singapore Airlines will deliver the details of the applied changes to us via an email).

(b) Method on how to make Flight change by Singapore Air Mobile Application:

Passengers who are comfortable with the online method can also make Singapore Airlines booking change through the Singapore Air mobile app on their respective device. Go to the section on 'Manage Booking' and make the itinerary changes as per desired by you and can pay for the change fee Singapore Airlines directly from its site.

How to do Singapore Airline booking change Offline:

Passengers can also make Singapore Airlines itinerary change by contacting or visiting the reservation Centre or the local office of the airline.

Singapore Airlines ticket change contact number:

+1-888-217-8136. You can directly talk to the staff and ask for the desired changes if the ticket fare allows.

Singapore Airlines schedule change policy:

Some of the important points on Singapore Airlines flight change policy and Singapore airlines booking change fee:

  • Changes are allowed in the class, seat, route, flight, cabin and award type.
  • Tickets that are purchased from the airline's official website or directly from the reservation office are permitted to change online.
  • The ticket fare needs to allow you to make the Singapore Airlines change in flight itinerary, as some of the tickets are not eligible to make changes.
  • Singapore Airlines itinerary change fee applied will depend on the changes made, destination and fare.
  • When a passenger buys a 

ticket from the third party i.e a travel agent and want to make changes then they can do it only by contacting the agent no online method is applicable for tickets that are purchased from travel agents.

How much to change Singapore Airlines flight:

The Singapore Airlines change fee is described below:

Singapore Airlines award change fee issued:

(i) Change in route, award type, cabin class, add stop on SilkAir or Singapore Airlines Flexi saver itinerary change:

  • As Saver: US$25
  • Advantage: US$25.

(ii) Change date Singapore Airlines flight or change in time on Singapore Airlines flight:

  • As Saver: US$25
  • Advantage: US$0

(iii) Miles Award or Upgrade redeposit:

  • Saver: US$75
  • Advantage: US$50

How to do Singapore Airlines name change:

Singapore Airlines change passenger name or correction in the name is possible by following the Singapore Airlines name change form in its website and proving the documents for verification of the legal change in name.

Method on how to change name Singapore Airlines:

The method on Singapore Airline name change is via the official website by visiting the Manage booking tab and then making the desired changes on the name as mentioned in the Singapore airlines name change policy.

Singapore Airlines name change fee on new ticket as OC tax: GBP65 or EUR89.

How to change flight ticket Singapore Airlines seat:

The question on 'Can I change my Singapore Airlines seat after check-in?

Yes, we can make changes on Singapore Airlines change seat after check-in by visiting the airport service counter or contacting the local office on Singapore Airlines.

Can I change my flight date Singapore Airlines:

Yes, you are allowed on Singapore Airlines change date when any emergency is faced.

How to change flight ticket date Singapore Airlines:

The method on how to change my Singapore Airlines change flight date is as follows:

  • Visit the official website: (At first, through the web browser visit the official website on Singapore Airlines
  • Click on 'Manage Booking': (Then, hit on the 'Manage Booking' tab to open0.
  • Type SQ E-ticket number: (Now, fill the blank field with the SQ E-ticket number).
  • Type passenger last name: (Enter the last name of the passenger as in passport and click on the button with Manage Booking).
  • Choose the flight where to make the change: (Select the flight on where to make changes and then apply for the change air ticket date Singapore Airlines).
  • Pay the date change fee: (Make payment for the change flight date Singapore Airlines).

A confirmation mail on the new e-ticket will be sent to you on the e-mail.

Thus, Singapore Airlines change flight date online can be done through the manage booking tab.

How to change meal preference in Singapore Airlines:

If you have changed your mind to change the meal preference then you are able to do so before 24hours from the flight departure time.

You can do the meal selection from the flight menu itself through the section on 'Manage Booking' on the official website of Singapore Airlines or even through the Singapore Air mobile app.

How to change currency in Singapore Airlines:

When we pay with the credit card after a confirmed booking, we can select from the wide range of options available in currency after filling the details of the card. For change currency with Singapore Airlines bank will conduct the required changes at the exchange rate and we might be also charged with a fee on conversion.

Hence, passengers can easily make Singapore Airlines ticket change by following any of the above methods on Singapore Airlines how to change my flight. If you still face any issues and have queries then get contact with the Singapore Airlines change flight contact number which is available for the passenger service 24*7.