Lufthansa Flight Change Policy & Fee

Lufthansa Flight Change

It is easy and convenient to change flights in Lufthansa Airlines. The cost may differ depending on the type of ticket purchased. Factors like the up-gradation of class, peak season or off-season, departure point etc are also.subject to Lufthansa Airlines flight change. Lufthansa Airlines also permits a change in flight one hour prior to the departure of the flight.

Lufthansa Airlines flight change online method.

Follow the steps mentioned below to proceed with the change in the flight of Lufthansa Airlines.

  • Visit the official website of the Airlines,
  • Beside the Menu, a triple icon is available. Click on it.
  • Then, go to the 'Booking and Manage' section and click on 'View and Amend Flight Details'.
  • After proceeding with 'View and Amend Flight details' login through the Booking code, Lufthansa ID, or Miles & More.
  • Under the 'Booking code' option, click on the last name and 'Booking code' option and proceed further by clicking the submit button.
  • Continue login by entering email address and password under the Lufthansa ID.
  • After entering the ID, make the desired amendments to your booking.

Thus, by the following the above methods Lufthansa Airlines flight change can be done. 

Lufthansa Airlines flight change offline method.

Lufthansa Airlines flight change can also be done through the offline method by dialling the toll-free number provided by the Airlines. The representatives with friendly behaviour will assist in all possible ways regarding any queries relating to Lufthansa Airlines flight change. They are available 24/7 for service.

Lufthansa Airlines same day flight change

Lufthansa Airlines permits same day flight change for the convenient of its passengers. Changes and amendments can be done on the same day, one hour before the scheduled departure of the flight. Know these points before proceeding with the changes.

  • The changes made for new flights must match the same routes and fly to a similar airport as per the original booking.
  • After the passenger completes the online or offline method then, an earlier change in flight cannot be done.
  • The same day change service is not available for tickets with long haul or routes. Passengers have to pay the change in fee and the difference in amount if any under the terms and 

Award Ticket Fees

like cash ticket change fees, award ticket fees have varying costs and stipulations. Know more about it below.

  • All fees are subject to change anytime according to the Lufthansa Airlines policy depending on the type of fare that has been booked.
  • Most rewards possess validity of a year from the date of purchase. No changes to refunds can be initiated after the validity period.
  • In many cases awar,d ticket fees are waived off for certain elite status tiers.
  • Few Airlines permits flight changes for the same-day confirmed or stand-by for the same fee as a cash ticket. In some cases, it is cheaper than the cancellation fees.

Award change fees by Lufthansa Airlines.

Read to learn more about Lufthansa Airlines Award change fees below.

Date Change Feel are as follows:

  • 50 EUR/70 CHF/ 60 USD
  • 150 EUR/220 CHF to change to the 'Same Day Award'.

Destination Change Fee: 

  • Not permitted.

Cancellation/Refund of Miles Fees/Re-deposit:

  • 50 EUR/70 CHF/ 60 USD


As per the policy, rebooking and cancellation of Reduced flights cannot be done. Whereas amount may vary or might be waived for certain awards.

Booking Fees for close-in: 

  • Not applicable.