Jetblue Flight Change Policy

Jetblue Flight Change Policy

If you have booked tickets with JetBlue flight, but due to unplanned circumstances you are looking for to make changes in your flight reservation with JetBlue and stuck on as 'how to change jetblue flight' then you are at the right place. Here you will get to know all about Jetblue change in flight reservation.

Jetblue Flight Change Policy

Even though you have reservation tickets and planned your journey on Jet Blue flight but yet sometimes due to an emergency, health issues or unavoidable situations you may need to make changes in your journey in JetBlue emergency flight change. JetBlue Airline has its own Flight Change policy and you need to go through it thoroughly so that you may not face any hassle in your journey with JetBlue Airlines. In JetBlue Flight Change Policy you might also get a free flight change chance if changes are made in given mentioned time.

Jetblue Flight Change Fee

If you are wondering on 'how much it may cost' to change flight with Jet Blue or 'What is the charge of flight change',  there are a number of aspects on which JetBlue Flight change fee depends. Like if you want to change the flight, change in flight date, change in your return flight etc. A change fee of Jetblue flight 60days before the scheduled departure time is $75 fee. 

By paying online you get three fare options: 

i.The blue basic fare where it is not applicable to make any change in flight.

ii. The blue and blue plus fares are applicable for changes in flight. The ranges are-

  • $200 per-person fee + fare difference, eligible for fares $200 or more.
  • $150 per-person fee + fare difference, for ticket fares $150 - $199.99.
  • $100 per-person fee + fare difference, for fares $100 - $149.99 
  • $75 per-person fee + fare difference, for fares below $100.

iii. In Blue Extra fare there is free to change in flight only fare difference is applied.

Note:- If you are a member of TrueBlue Mosaic Elite you can change Jet Blue flight for free.

Jetblue same day flight change

Yes, you can change your flight with JetBlue on the same day if by any chance you need an earlier flight to travel. But you have to pay the Jetblue flight change fee for the same day or if you want to change it on an earlier flight.

If the same day flight change confirmed reservation is not available then standby voyage is accessible on the same charge.

But Jetblue change fee is waived for members of Mosaic elites and Flex fares are not assigned in this fee.

JetBlue change flight through the online process:-

In order to change your Jetblue flight, there are two types of online process.

Steps for Jetblue flight change on the website is as follows:-

  • At first through your user portal go to the official site of JetBlue.
  • Click on the log in link and obtain your reservation.
  • Enter the confirmation code and your last name.
  • Now go and click on to Manage Trip tab.
  • Then make the changes that are necessary on your JetBlue flight.
  • Choose from the flights that are available and select that matches with your journey.
  • If needed to make a payment for the changes as Jetblue flight change fee you can pay online and confirm your reservation status.
  • The JetBlue Reservation Airlines will send you a confirmation e-ticket as your Jetblue flight change on your e-mail or registered phone number.

JetBlue Flight Change online through the Mobile app:-

JetBlue flight also can be changed through its official Mobile App.

  • Log in to your account after downloading the JetBlue App.
  • Click on the Manage Trip.
  • Now enter the credentials that are asked to you in order to make changes in JetBlue Flight.
  • Select the changes you want to make including date, time, seats, the type of flight you prefer that is available.
  • Follow the steps as they asked you to do and get confirmed your flight changes on JetBlue.

JetBlue Flight Change through Offline:-

Finding difficulty to make changes in Jetblue flight? Here is an offline method available in Jetblue flight to change offline.

JetBlue Change Flight Phone Number:-

Call on to JetBlue Airline Phone Number that is available 24*7 for the customers better convenience. By making a call on JetBlue Flight Change phone number you can easily make changes that are required by you for your journey by directly talking to the office desk.

Change in JetBlue flight time, date, seats, change in return flight, destination:-

Many questions may arise on your mind as a passenger on Jetblue flights as 'Can I change my flight date or time' etc with Jetblue. The answer is Yes. But the problem is that you have to pay the change in flight fee for any of the changes you make like change in your travel date, change in your time due to any emergency, change in your seats when you opt for more comfortable class, change in destination or it may be your return flight. You can make a change in flight by logging in to your account in JetBlue Airlines and making changes on 'Manage Trip'.

To make offline changes you can also take the assistance making call on JetBlue flight change Phone number which is always available in your service.

Note:-  Always keep in mind that to make a change in flight free you need to make flight changes within 24 hours of your booking.

How to change JetBlue flight for free:-

You might search for a way as to how to change your JetBlue flight reservation without any fee and how changes can be done free. Here we mention you about a minimum of 5 ways on how to change JetBlue for free.

  • Change in flight after booking within 24hours. It is seen that if by any chance you have to make changes with JetBlue flight and you want it for free then it is better you make the change with 24 hours of your booking the JetBlue flight.
  • Change in flight before 60days of your departure. JetBlue Flight will waive the fee for its passengers.
  • Change your Jetblue flight change on the same day.
  • You can keep eye on schedule changes made by airlines to get free make change in your flight.
  • You can also make a request to the office in charge by admitting emergency.

How to change name on JetBlue Flight:-

If by any chance you make a mistake on entering your name and have booked the ticket, JetBlue allows you to change name but on a new PNR number as the earlier one can be used for another customer. You can even call the customer care service phone number of Jetblue flight that deals in with making changes in flight to change your name for better convenience.

JetBlue flight changes your flight time due to weather:-

When there is any schedule change by the Jetblue Airlines that changes your flight time by more than about 60minutes due to weather or any other significant reasons in their changes, then you can claim for a refund to the Airlines and can cancel for free.

Change JetBlue flight booked with points:-

In order to make changes in flight which you booked with points must be at first cancelled as changes with points is not applicable. The member needs to cancel his/her whole reservation and then go for rebooking with prior to availability.T he points will be deposited and can be used within 1 year of the given duration.

Henceforth, if any unplanned situations occur that may influence you to make changes in your flight travel, hopefully now you can do so. Even the customer service a toll-free number is also available any time if needed for further assistance while making changes in your JetBlue flight.