Interjet Change Flight Policy

Interjet Airlines offers it's passengers a user-friendly environment that enables the users in making changes on the flight with Interjet even after a confirmed reservation of tickets when any emergency arises.

Interjet Flight Change Methods:-

1. Interjet Flight Change Through the official website:

  • Visit the official website of Interjet.
  • Enter the username and password to Log in to your account.
  • Select on the option of 'My Reservation'.
  • Fill passengers last name and the ticket confirmation code.
  • Now select the Change option.
  • Choose the changes you want to make.
  • Go through the changes before submitting the form.
  • Now you need to pay the change in flight fee if any.
  • Lastly, the confirmation ticket will be sent to you in the email or phone number registered with Interjet.

2. Interjet Flight Change At Ticket Counter in the Airport:-

  • Visit your nearest Airport and then go to the Interjet ticket counter.
  • Show your passport and the booked ticket as your identity.
  • Ask the agent about the changes you want to make.
  • Now you pay the Interjet Flight change cost, they will make the changes and the modified ticket will be sent to your email id or mobile phone.

3. Interjet Flight Change By calling on Interjet flight change phone number:-

Passengers can directly make changes on their flight by dialling the Interjet change flight phone number. The agent will provide you with the instruction needed to make changes follow up the process as per asked.

Interjet Change Flight fee

The Interjet flight change cost differs in fare depending on the fare type, time of making changes etc. Interjet change flight price discussed below:-

Change in flight before 24 hours departure:-

Flight ticket on Ultra light-

  • A sum of 799 MXN as Interjet flight change fee on the registered ticket.
  • The change fee is 79 USD or 89 CAD if travelled outside Mexico.

Flight ticket on Optima-

  • Journey routes in Mexico the change flight fee is 599 MX9.
  • Travelling outside Mexico the Change in flight fee is 35 USD or 48CAD.

Flight ticket on Light-

  • Charges on Interjet change fee travelled in Mexico is 699 MXN.
  • Charges on Interjet Change fee outside Mexico is 69USD or 79CAD.

Flight ticket on Priority-

Passengers with flight ticket on priority do not need to pay any flight fee on Interjet Flight Change fee and can make changes for an infinite time.

Change in flight between 4 hours to 24 hours departure:

Flight ticket on Ultra-Light-

  • Internet flight change fee within Mexico is 999MXN.
  • Outside Mexico 99USD or 120CAD.

Flight ticket on Optima-

  • Interjet Change flight cost when travel in Mexico is 899MXN.
  • And the fee for outside Mexico is 89USD or 115CAD.

Flight ticket with Light-

  • Internet change flight fee route in Mexico is 599 MXN.
  • Destination outside Mexico is 35USD or 48CAD.

Flight ticket on Priority-

Passengers with Priority can avail the maximum benefits does not need to pay any change fee in flight.

Internet Change Flight Policy:-

  • Before purchasing flight ticket it is necessary to know the facility of changes you can make with Interjet Flight change and must have a verified ticket. It provides ticket in economical fare.
  • When passengers make changes within the given estimated time the Interjet Change Flight policy airline won't charge any fee.
  • But if a passenger wants to make changes on flight after the 24 hours of reserving ticket they may have to pay the change in flight fee.
  • You may apply on Interjet Flight change for waiving fees in case of any illness.
  • It is to note that ticket purchased from any other medium in Interjet Flight are not allowed to make any changes or can get any refund.

Interjet Change Name and Change in flight time:-

While entering the name of passengers by chance if you make mistake in the passenger's name and due to some dilemma passengers may prefer to change flight time, so Interjet allows it's user to make changes in name and time. It is that you have to pay the interest name change fee or change fee on time. The Interjet name change fee and change in time depend upon the type of fare and the time the passengers make the changes.

Interjet Change Flight Date:-

Passengers of Interjet are provided with the Interjet Change date facility. Interjet change flight fee is charged depending on the ticket fare type, changes making time, routes, availability of tickets etc.

Interjet Ticket change:-

Passengers eventually fall on situations where they usually need to change the flight ticket. Therefore, Interjet has the ticket change option for its passengers on emergencies etc. But it is to be noted that Interjet may ask for penalty fee for making changes in your reservation.

Change seats on Interjet:-

Sometimes it becomes confusion on as "how to change seats on Interjet". Interjet

  • allows it's passengers to change their seat under certain conditions.
  • Go to the tab on Manage Booking on the website of Interjet Airlines.
  • Fill up the reservation code and last name to log in to your account.
  • On the Interjet itinerary page select on 'Choose seats'.
  • It will access to you depending on the availability of seats preferred by you.
  • Follow up the steps as the pages show you up.

For more assistance, you can contact to the customer service of Interjet change flight phone number if you face any hardship on flight change in Interjet.