Eva Air Change Flight Policy

If you are thinking of flying with Eva Air then the guide provided here on Eva Air flight change policy will be essential for you. If you want to make Eva Air changes in your reservation due to some specific reasons, it is important to have an idea about the Eva Air Change as many questions might arise such as, 'Can I change my Eva Air flight?', "Eva Air changes flight fee" and so on.

How to Change flight on Eva Air

You have a variety of options to make Eva Air flight change. Below mentioned are some of the ways of the Eva Air flight change ticket.

Eva Air Change Flight Online:-

  • Navigate to the official website of Eva Air www.evaair.com on your search browser.
  • Now Log in to your account by entering the required data with your username and registered password.
  • Go to the option on Manage My Trip.
  • Now fill the blank box with confirmation code and the last name of the passenger of the one you want to make the changes.
  • Then select the change flight option.
  • Look for the changes you want to make.
  • Before submission, check again.
  • Now pay the Eva Air Change fee.
  • The modified ticket will be sent to your registered email or phone.

By following the above method Eva Air flight change can be done easily online.

Eva Air flight change on KIOSK Tower

  • Go to the self-service KIOSK tower.
  • Then you need to enter the passenger name, booking date of the ticket and ticket number.
  • Next, to make your changes in flight reservation follow up the steps on the screen.
  • Look for the payment you need to pay as the change flight fee.
  • Then take out the print of the new ticket.

By following the above method Eva Air flight change can be done by KIOSK easily.

Eva Air Flight Change through Offline method

At the Ticket Counter:

To change flight through the ticket counter here are the steps.

  • Go to your nearest airport and visit the ticket counter of Eva Air.
  • Provide your ticket to the counter staff.
  • Ask the staff to make the changes required by you on your travel with Eva Air.
  • Make the payment as your flight change fee and fare difference.
  • The new boarding pass will be sent to your email or phone.

By following the above steps Eva Air flight change can be easily at the ticket counter.

Flight change through phone number:

To make flight changes through phone numbers here are the ways.

  • Make a call on the toll-free phone number of the Eva Air flight change.
  • Then confirm your identity with your booking ticket number, passenger name, etc.
  • Ask the staff to make the possible changes on your ticket if available.
  • Make the payment by the mode preferred by you.
  • At last, ask for your new pass through a confirmation mail or message on your phone.

By following the above method Eva Air flight change can be done by phone.

Eva Air Change Flight Policy:-

Eva Airlines flight change policy allows the below-mentioned steps for the passengers. Read below-given points to know about the policies of Eva Air.

  • Alteration in the tickets after 24 hours of booking, Eva Air might charge a flight change fee which depends on the route and the passengers fare option.
  • The flight change policy of Eva Air permits its passengers to make changes in ticket, date, change in name etc.
  • Eva Air also waives in change fee if the passengers notify the Airline about any emergency issue.
  • According to  24-hours.policy, changes made within this time of booking are free of the change fee.
  • According to Eva Air change flight policy, if passengers want to upgrade the reserved seats then they can do it with the exemption of the change fee only. The fee of difference in fare will be charged.

By knowing the above steps it will be easy and profitable to change a flight on Eva Air.

Eva Air Change Date:-

In case passengers want  Eva air change in travel date they can do it online in a very easy way. Here are the steps on how to change the flight date of Eva Air online:-

  • Visit on Eva Air official website.
  • To log in to your account you need your email id username and password.
  • Go to the Manage Trip Tab.
  • Enter the Passenger name and reservation code.
  • Select the tab of Change flight.
  • Now enter the date you want to make your travel.
  • Recheck the selection you made.
  • Then make your payment on Eva Air change date fee.
  • Make sure to take your new ticket pass on your phone.

By following the above steps Eva Air date change can be done.

Eva Air Change Passenger name:

While entering the passenger's name you may do wrong in the Passenger name. So in order to correct the Eva Air name on the ticket, Eva Air may charge you a name change fee.

Steps on Eva Air Name Change:-

  • Go to the website of Eva Air.
  • Then, log in to your account.
  • Go to Manage My Trip.
  • Enter your confirmation code and passenger name.
  • Next move on the Edit option.
  • Correct and enter the name with Eva air to change the name on the ticket as it is written on the Passport.
  • Then pay for Eva Air name change fee through your preferred mode of payment.
  • Click and submit your changes.

By knowing the above steps it will be easy to change the name in Eva Air.

Eva Air ticket Change fee

The description of Eva Air change fee on both refundable tickets and Non-refundable tickets.

Change fee on refundable tickets:

  • When alteration or changes is done on the ticket prior 24 hours of your booking Eva Air won't charge for any Change fee.
  • But if changes are done after the given time Eva Air will charge you with the change fee.
  • Eva Air will also waive off on your change in ticket fee if passengers face some emergency issues.
  • If Eva Air changes your flight you can claim for a refund to the Airline.

Change fee on non-refundable tickets:

For making any changes on your ticket after the stipulated time, Eva Air will charge a change fee of 50 USD to 400 USD for the change in date fee, change in time flight fee etc. It depends upon the mode of change and reason for making changes.

Henceforth, by reading the above policies flight change can be made on Eva Air.