Etihad Airways Flight Cancellation Policy

No one knows when an emergency comes up and one needs to cancel the trip. That's what Etihad Airlines thinks for its passengers where any time may come up when the passengers may need to make changes or cancel the planned trip. 

Thus, a set of the regular basis of terms and policy had been enacted by Etihad Airlines so that flyers won't face any problem or confusion while working with the changes.

It basically comprises the cancellation policy, refund policy and about the penalties.

Henceforth, it has been advised to the passengers to carefully go through the policies and terms of tickets before one makes its final payment. 

Passengers if they wish can also contact the Customer Support Services by calling the Airlines number which has been assisted by the Airlines service if there is any query or issues.

So in this blog, we would illustrate on the Etihad Cancellation policy and the methods on how to cancel flight reservations on Etihad Airlines.

What is Etihad cancellation policy:

Here are the few of the significant terms and policies mentioned below that have been assigned by Etihad Airlines on the Airlines reservations for the good of its customers.

  • There is a contract established between the Etihad Airlines and the passengers depending on the commitment of the terms and policy as per formed by the authorities of the airlines.
  • In order to make any cancellation of the plans in the booked tickets then one if the best way to proceed is to go through the 'Manage My Booking' section which is in the homepage of Etihad Airlines on its official website. This option directly enables the flyers to get connected to the airline faculty or staff to whom you can trust to make the required changes on the reservations of the tickets.
  • The policy on Etihad cancellation totally clarifies that to make any cancellation and to get the refund of the paid money, the ticket booked must fall under the category on refundable tickets.
  • For a refund request, one must fulfil the terms and conditions of the fare that is mentioned itself on the ticket or tickets that were purchased.
  • The ticket fare depends highly on the numerous policies and terms of the flight ticket.
  • The Etihad cancellation process on flight tickets has been developed to be easy and more suitable for the passengers. 
  • For any cancellation of the reservations of the flight tickets before 96 hours from the scheduled flight departure then an extra 10% from the ticket fare will be charged by the Airlines as the cancellation fee.
  • Etihad Airlines won't charge a fee on cancellation for the reserved tickets, for cases like the death of a member in the family and situations like medical emergency and so on where the required documents need to be furnished for the verifications.
  • The fares which are referred on multiple tickets can be a bit restrictive in type.
  • Passengers facing any type of difficulty that is related to the transactions on refund of money need to contact the authority of the Airlines as soon as possible so that the query and doubts could be solved at an early practical time.
  • The refund days may take a period of at least 14 to 30 days to reflect in the bank account as well as on bank statements.
  • The cancellation fee of Etihad Airline may also vary depending on the airlines terms and the condition that have been expressed on the ticket that is being purchased and also on the place of destination.
  • One must have a detailed idea and knowledge on the terms and regulations that the airlines follow before addressing the higher councils of the Airlines with any sort of complaints or objections.
  • The refund shall be transferred automatically in the type of original payment form which was used while booking the ticket on the flight.

Thus, when the aforesaid conditions are satisfied, then the management team will be more inclined to proceed to the cancellation of tickets, changes or on any refunds.

What are the process to cancel Etihad flight: 

The Etihad Airlines provides both online and offline methods for Etihad flight cancellation.

Flyers can choose any of these below described Online and Offline methods on  'How to Cancel Etihad flight'.

Cancel flight ticket Etihad airways via Online:

The online mode is considered to be the best way for cancelling flight tickets. 

The steps on the Etihad airways ticket cancellation procedure is as follows:

Step1: Visit the official website of Etihad airlines:

In the first step, visit the Etihad official website through the preferred web browser on your device.

Step2: Enter the 'Login' details:

Now, enter the details for 'Login' to the account on Etihad Airlines with the required correct credentials in the Login homepage.

Step3: Click on 'Login' button:

Then, just click the button on 'Login' to move further for cancellation.

Step4: Select the 'Manage My Booking' section:

In the next step, select the section on 'Manage My Booking' where the required cancellation can be made and there you will be guided on the process of cancellation of the reservation.

Step5: Keep the personal information ready for furnishing at the time of cancellation:

One must always be ready with the personal information and data including the details of the flight such as passenger name, PNR No. etc as they may ask you all the required attributes timely at the time while doing the cancellation.

Step6: Click on the Cancel button:

Now, look for the cancellation button and click on it.

Step7: Make the payment as the charge on cancellation:

Then, pay the Etihad Airlines cancellation fee if there is any.

Step8: Confirmation mail receive:

Lastly, a mail on confirmation will be received by you on your provided email address or phone number.

Things that you can do through Online method:

  • Changes could be done prior to 2 hours from the scheduled flight departure.
  • Once the cancellation or the refund is done then it cannot be altered or could be transferred to its original.
  • The fee or charges always depends on the fare type and the ticket purchased at the time of the flight reservation.

Etihad booking cancellation via Offline method:

  • Over the Phone.
  • Ticket counter.

Cancel Etihad flight over the Phone:

In order to cancel Etihad flight over the phone the steps to follow are:

1. Call the Etihad Customer care service:

Firstly, dial the Etihad Airlines cancellation phone number.

2. Talk to the Customer care representative:

Then, directly talk to the representative of the customer care service about the cancellation.

3. Provide personal information and the flight details:

Next, provide all the details related to the flight including passenger information.

4. Make the payment as cancellation fee:

In the next step, make the required payment that is charged by the Airlines as the cancellation fee if there is any.

5. Ask about the confirmation mail:

In the last step, ensure to get the confirmation mail on successful cancellation.

Cancellation of flight ticket on Etihad Airlines at the airport:

If a ticket has been brought directly from the Airlines ticket counter or through any travel agency for flight bookings, then the passengers need to approach the counter or to the agency where for the procedure they will guide you and complete the basic cancellation process for you.

Some of the points to be noted:

  • Tickets must be purchased before five days from the day of flight departure and at the same time only a single debit or credit card must be used for the same booking.
  • One must check if the ticket purchased is refundable and was not used.
  • An additional charges may be added by the bank at the time of crediting the amount to be refunded to the account.

Etihad Airways 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

If you have booked your ticket to/from the United States on Etihad from any Etihad Airways point of sale in the United States then you are entitled to get a full refund if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of ticket booking and at least 7 days prior to departure. Your full refund without charging the Etihad cancellation fee will be processed within 7 days of making a refund request.

If you wish to make any change within 24 hours then you will not be charged any penalty but will have to pay any difference in the fare. If the change has lower fare then you will be refunded back the fare difference.

If you cancel your ticket beyond 24 hours of booking then you will be charged a penalty for doing so.

Etihad Airways Refund Policy

The simplest way to cancel or change your booking on Etihad Airways is to go to its official website and select the “Manage My Bookings” option. You can make changes to your flight for up to 2 hours before the flight departure. No matter whether you booked a Deal, Classic, Saver or Flex, your fare will determine if the change rule will be applied to your ticket or not and also the cancellation fee if any. Therefore, always check your fare before making any changes or cancellations

Here are some points to note before making a refund request

  1. Check if your ticket is refundable or not. Also, keep in mind that your ticket should be unused and should not be exchanged.
  2. Your booking must be before 5 days of the scheduled departure.
  3. The single card must be used to purchase the bookings.
  4. Once done, The cancellation can not be reversed.
  5. All refunds will be made according to the fare of your ticket.
  6. Refunds may take up to 14 to 30 business days to reflect in your bank statement or card statement.
  7. Refunds will be made automatically to the original mode of payments made for the booking.

Etihad Airways Cancellation Fee

  1. There may be a change or cancellation fee levied on your ticket depending on the fare and route of the ticket you booked.
  2. If you booked multiple fares then very restrictive fare rules will be applied.
  3. Any changes or cancellations made within 96 hours of your flight departure will be eligible for an additional 10% fee of your original ticket.
  4. In any unfortunate event such as the death of a guest or any immediate family member, you will not be charged any cancellation or change fee from your refund amount. However, you will need to provide official documents to prove it.
  5. If you miss your flight then you will be charged a no show fee as well as change fee.

Etihad Airways Flight Cancellation Compensation

If a flight is cancelled due to Etihad Airways (subject to eligibility rules and exceptions) or you are involuntarily denied from boarding a flight then you are entitled to get compensation from the Etihad Airways as follow:

  • For all flights of 3500km or less, you will get €uro 400.
  • For all flights more than 3500 km, you will get €uro 600.

However, the compensation mentioned above will be reduced to 50% if the Etihad Airways is able to offer you with a rerouting flight alternatively on another flight. Moreover, the arrival time of the new flight does not exceed by 3 hours for all flights of 3500km or less, booked originally. Similarly, the arrival time of rerouted flights should not exceed 4 hours for all flights of 3500km or more, from the arrival time of flights booked originally.