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Best Places, Hotels, And Shows in Las Vegas

A trip along the west coast of the United States will not be complete if you do not have the possibility to visit Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada.

And if you don’t find this great theme park that is Las Vegas attractive enough to visit, this city becomes an intermediate stage in which it must be an essential visit: the Grand Canyon of Colorado.

Located in the desert of the state of Nevada, in Las Vegas do not expect to see buildings, historical monuments or beautiful natural landscapes in its. In fact, this city is the world’s largest center of leisure and entertainment and from a tourist perspective, a great and incredible theme park.

You may be tempted not to approach Las Vegas, given its null cultural value, and everybody understands it because this happened to all on my trip to the western United States.

Las Vegas, Attractions in A Theme Park

Las Vegas, Attractions in A Theme Park

Honestly, after having finally visited Las Vegas, visitors think it was well worth it, although it is possible that it is a bigger museum of the extravagance that you can see in the world and, in sum, a whole American show.

Given this, from your point of view, you have to face your visit as when you go to a theme park where you travel a succession of attractions.

The truth is that on one of your trips, in which you left Los Angeles late and crossed the Mojave Desert at night, the arrival in Las Vegas was brutal.

After many kilometres where you only see the classic American caravans in the middle of the desert in full darkness, suddenly you start to see a spotlight on the horizon that almost dazzles, and right there, in the middle of the desert in Las Vegas.

If you travel in summer; the visit to Las Vegas is very conditioned by the temperature because it is asphyxiating during the day.

At night the temperature drops a little, not much, but it is the perfect time to tour the casinos; in winter it is something else since it can cool a lot at night.

The foundation of the city of Las Vegas dates back to 1905, its fame as a leisure centre comes from 1941 when after the legalization of the game began to build hotels and casinos, the first of them, the Flamingo.

Since then, there are numerous hotels that have been built, to which more spectacular.

And all the leisure activity in the city has been linked to the casinos and the performances of the biggest music stars.

What To See And Do During The Las Vegas Visit

Here Are Some Tips To Visit Las Vegas.

From the outset, to plan your trip it is convenient to know the distances by road to Las Vegas from the main cities of the west coast.

Thus, this city of the State of Nevada is 446 kilometres from Los Angeles, which is just over four hours by a very long straight highway, but with a lot of traffic, not only during the day but also at night.

This means that on specific days and times, the trip can take up to six hours.

And, on the other hand, the distance from San Francisco to Las Vegas is 925 kilometres, nine hours if you face the direct trip at a stretch.

Las Vegas Trip

Las Vegas is a relatively small city, very easy to travel.

Some Recommended Airlines Fly For Las Vegas

delta airlines
Allegiant Airlines
Frontier Airlines

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