Best Places To Visit In California, USA


California is probably the most interesting US state in which I was lucky enough to live for a year. It attracts with its sunny weather, amazing coast, diversity of nature. California cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles are cultural melting pots with a liberal spirit, constantly amazing and undergoing changes. To encourage you to visit I have prepared an entry with suggestions for short trips to be implemented from San Francisco and LA. Both cities are interesting in themselves, but driving to such a remote place, it is also worth visiting the area. The more unique places to visit in California that one of the most valuable treasures of this state is nature.

Beaches In Califonria

If you want to feel 100% in the atmosphere and try surfing, I suggest some ideas with beaches that are good for beginnings, as well as with lesson options and equipment rentals. Before visiting CA you must know about the best places to visit in California.

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San Francisco


Who knows this blog for a long time, knows that there is a city a bit from here, to which I have a special weakness… A large part of the blog posts are dedicated to San Francisco, and from your messages and comments shows that I was able to inspire to travel in that direction many a person.

Golden Bridge in california

San Francisco is the heart of northern California, located on one side over the bay and on the other over the open ocean. Because of this, the city hides in the fog in the summer and is not as warm and sunny as the legends about California. In addition to the famous Golden Gate Bridge, these distinctive Victorian houses located on steep hills are what this city is usually associated with. However, SF hallmarks are only an introduction to what the city really hides. And even if you see almost everything, you will still have to discover a neighborhood where, just like in the city, there are plenty of beautiful places.

Some Recommended Places To Visit in California 

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park

my favorite park for walking with views of the open ocean, bay, city cliffs and the Golden Gate Bridge. It is the top place to visit in California, where one can enjoy the beauty of nature. It is worth starting the walk from Ocean Beach and Cliff House, then continue to the eastern part of the park. Walking the paths you can spend a peaceful two hours here and be delighted with the views almost all the time. It is among the cool places to visit in California.

Mission Dolores

Mission Dolores

a colorful neighborhood inhabited by both Mexican immigrants and hipsters. With lots of good places, bars, bookstores, and shops. Here you can also find the best and cheapest Mexican food in town. It is one of the beautiful places to visit in California. Unfortunately, the district has undergone an intensive gentrification process in recent years. Increasing rents are slowly becoming unpaid for average residents and I am afraid that the best in Mission will slowly fade away. Therefore, while it is as it is – be sure to drop by for a long walk, which will also include 18sta street (between Dolores and Guerrero).

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