How To Spend Holidays in Hawaii


The main tourist state of the United States – the Hawaiian Islands (just Aloha in the world) – remains a pipe dream for many. Like, far, expensive, try to get a visa. This paradise is more accessible than most travelers think. And the reward for those who get here is fantastic sunrises on colorful beaches, the brightest rainbow in the world, remarkably diverse wildlife, very active volcanoes and an endless ocean that can be explored even on a surf, even a submarine. There are a lot of places to visit in Hawaii. All the prime Airlines in the USA have connecting flights to Hawaii, but Hawaiian Airlines is the most elite flight service for the destination. Book a Hawaiian Airlines ticket to visit destinations.

When To Go

The wettest part of the islands in the north and east, the south and west are drier – the main resorts are concentrated there. The lowest temperatures and snow are in the mountains, that is the best time to visit Hawaii.

The main disadvantage of this paradise is hurricanes and tsunamis — the first look at the islands from June to November. The appearance of the second does not depend on the time of year. But most often tsunamis come north to Hilo Bay. There are so many Hawaii places to visit.

Beach Vacation

Beach Vacation in hawaii

Which of the islands do not choose, everywhere there are excellent beaches: secluded and not very difficult to access or those that can be accessed directly from the hotel. All of them will be beautiful, mainly with a gentle entry into the water, palpable waves in the summer, and very large ones in the winter, as well as a complete ban on nudism.

The leader in the number of cool beaches in Oahu, the main among them is Waikiki, where it is always crowded and fun. Hanuma Bay is no less famous, where people come to dive with a mask – there are coral reefs near the coast.

Most smaller beaches do not have developed infrastructure. Also, in Hawaii, inexperienced swimmers and children should be especially careful – waves can be carried into the ocean, sharks can be found.



Hawaiians claim that surfing was born on their islands. This claim explains the fact that almost everyone rides on the boards here (surfing is included in the school curriculum), everywhere and always. Although athletes prefer winter over the seasons: in November-April, the highest waves travel around the archipelago. Beaches are the best places to go to Hawaii.

The most popular island among surfers is Oahu, the best part of Hawaii to visit. In its northern part, waves up to 7 m are born in winter, professionals weigh down them, and competitions are held here. In the southern part, especially on Waikiki, it will be comfortable for beginners. Also good spots on the island of Kauai – Tunnels Beach, Poipu Beach, and others.



There are not enough classic sights on the islands: architecture and art lovers will have to be content with the Iolani Palace, the Polynesian Cultural Center, the Bishop Museum, as well as the Pearl base -Harbor, a film about which at one time became a cult. But for lovers of nature, there is a real expanse.

Hawaii For Children

Hawaii For Children

On the one hand, a trip to Hawaii with children is the best place to vacation in Hawaii: a long flight, city hotels with children’s clubs, and an all-inclusive rescue cannot be found. On the other hand, there are so many interesting things that you must take small travelers without fail.

For entertainment, you need to go to the Kualoa Farm in Oahu to feel like a hero in the films Jurassic Park and Kong: Skull Island. Honolulu Zoo, where funny lemurs, rhinos, cheetahs, a dragon from the island of Komodo, etc.

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