All Nippon Airways Baggage Policy

All Nippon Airways or ANA free baggage allowance depends on the class of the cabin as well as the weight of the baggage. The free baggage allowance may differ according to the itinerary and the operating airline. To find the details about the baggage allowance you should check your ticket. Baggage allowance rules are printed on the ticket you have purchased.

Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers of any class of cabin are allowed to carry one piece of carry-on baggage of not more than 10kg in weight and no more than 115 cm (45 in.) in size.

Checked Baggage

All the First Class passengers of ANA airlines are allowed to carry up to 3 pieces of baggage each weighing no more than 32 kg with the total linear dimensions of no more than  158 cms.

A Business Class passenger is allowed to carry up to 2 pieces of baggage each weighing 32kg with size not exceeding 158 cms.

While a Premium Economy and Economy Class passengers are allowed to carry up to 2 pieces of baggage each weighing 23 kg with a total size of 158 cms.

Excess Baggage Charges

Excess baggage charges will be levied if baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance set by ANA Airlines.  The charges will be according to the applicable currency and fees may differ depending on the itinerary and the sectors for which the baggage has been checked in.

For ANA domestic flights with the excess baggage of 1-10 kg, the extra charges are JPY 1,500 to JPY 2,500.

For baggage exceeding 11 to 20 kg, you must pay JPY 2,500 to JPY 3500.

For baggage weighing 20 to 30 kg extra, the charges are JPY 3500 to JPY 4500.

While for every 10 kg thereafter an additional JPY 1000 will be charged.

Extra baggage fee charged when the free number of the piece is exceeded are as followed:

  1. For each piece exceeding checked baggage allowance for flights across  North America, South, and Central America, Hawaii,  Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia (including Japan), Oceania a fee of JPY 20000, or USD 200 or CAD 200 or EUR 150 is charged according to the country of departure or ticket booked.
  2. Flights flying within any of the above areas will be charged with JPY 10000 or USD 100, or CAD 100 or EUR 75.
  3. For domestic flights within Japan, the excess baggage fee will be JPY 5,000.

Overweight Baggage Charges

International ANA flight passengers will have to pay JPY 6000 or USD 60 or CAD 60 or EUR 45 for overweight baggage weighing More than 23 kg up to 32 kg and JPY 1000 for domestic flights.

For overweight baggage weighing more than  32 kg up to 45 kg and having size more than 158 cm to 292 cm, the international flight passengers will have to pay JPY 20000 or USD 200 or CAD 200 or EUR 150. While domestic flight passengers need to pay a fee of JPY 5000.

Restricted Baggage

There are some items that you may not be allowed to carry along with you either as cabin baggage or checked-in baggage or both. Passengers are not allowed to carry or check-in any dangerous goods on board.

Baggage items that are considered dangerous and are strictly prohibited to carry in any way by the law are dangerous items such as flammable liquids and solids, poisonous substances, explosives, and compressed gases, etc. are not allowed to be carried onto the aircraft or checked at the counter.

Some examples of dangerous items are fireworks, firecrackers, camping, and household stoves, Insecticides, Paint, Butane gas cassettes, Gas cylinder, O2 bottles for sports use, Ethanol, etc.

There are items that are not allowed to carry into the cabin but can be taken in the checked baggage are Scissors, Knives, Cutters, Golf clubs, Sharp tools, etc.

Some items may be allowed to carry on certain conditions such as Dry Ice, Cigarette Lighters and Safety Matches, Alcoholic Beverages, etc. 

Therefore, you should always read the ANA Airlines Baggage Policy before boarding your flight to avoid any inconvenience.