Allegiant Airlines check-in

Allegiant Airlines is a Nevada based low-cost carrier. The Airline does not have so good reviews about additional charges applied by various means. Customers jump in to book a flight considering low fare but if you are not aware you will be charged on every step from carry-on bags, boarding pass even on tickets as per medium you bought them. Therefore you need to apply some hacks to make your flight under the budget.

How To Check-In At Allegiant Airlines

There are three methods of check-in

  1. Web check-in
  2. Check-in by Allegiant Mobile App
  3. Check-in at the airport (By counter or by kiosk)

Visit Here For Check-In With Official Website

How To Save Money On Tickets And Seats While Check-In

Allegiant charge processing fee of $8 for credit card transaction and up to $80 for guaranteed seat assignment on Allegiant check-in. To avoid this fee use debit cards for ticket purchases and accept any seat they assign. Generally, people travel in the group pay for guaranteed seat assignment as they don’t want to sit separately, but if you can compromise for few hours with the alone time you can save money and use it to buy something else.

How To Save Money On Baggage Check-In

Allegiant Airlines allows only on personal item bags for free and in this way, they make a huge profit on checked-in baggage. They charge heavily on extra luggage the price list of baggage charges is following.

Baggage typeChargeWeightSize(L xW xH)
Pre-book carry-on$18-$35Up to 40lbs80”(Total size)

Gate Checked carry

Onup to $75Up to 40lbs80”(Total size)
Overweight bag$5040-70 lbs80”(Total size)
Overweight bag$7571-100 lbs80”(Total size)
Oversized bag$75Up to 40lbsover 80”

To avoid these charges try to pack light because one carry-on item is free. The maximum dimension allowed is 7”x15”x16” for personal items. If you can carry your essentials within this size, you will outsmart Allegiant flight check-in on this front. There are Allegiant’s personal item bags available in the market. Prefer to carry zipper bag made of the light component. Within the allowed dimension, you can carry 4-5 clothes including your essential cosmetics.