Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy

Being a major American Airlines, Alaska Airlines takes a very keen interest in making the travel very smooth for its customers. For this reason, the Alaska Airlines ticket cancellation policy has some rules and regulations that you should read before booking your ticket on Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Alaska Airlines 24 hours cancellation entitles you to get a full refund of your booked ticket when canceled within 24 hours of booking. If you want to make any changes to your booked tickets then you can even do that without having to pay any charge fees when you do it within 24 hours of purchase. Alaska Airlines change policy states that if you purchased a ticket within 24 hours of scheduled departure time and then you want to cancel or change it then you need to pay a change fee of $125.

Beyond the 24 hours limit, nonrefundable tickets may be refunded back as credits issued into My Wallet to be used in future bookings. Any change fee or cancellation fee will be applicable at the time of cancellation if any.

Alaska Airlines Refund Policy

Before you book your ticket on Alaska Airlines you should always read the cancellation policy as well as refund policy. To cancel your ticket and get a refund from Alaska Airlines you must check if your ticket is eligible for the refund or not. To get a refund, your ticket must:

  1. Be purchased from its official website,, or booked at an Alaska Airline ticket counter or bought from Alaska Airlines reservations call center. 
  2. Not be a ticket purchased on sale, vacation package or group booking.
  3. Be bought using US dollars.
  4. Not have a Saver Fare crossing the first 24 hours after booking.
  5. Not have a government fare.
  • All the eligible refundable tickets may be refunded back to the original mode of payment.
  • To cancel your refundable ticket you need to visit the official website of Alaska Airlines and then click on “Manage reservations”.
  • Alaska Airlines flight cancellation is very easy and can be canceled by yourself through online mode.
  • If your ticket is not eligible for a refund or credit online then you could still cancel your ticket and use the booking value in exchange for your future bookings.
  • Alaska Airlines Cancellation fee depends on the class of travel, time limitation, offers, etc.
  • For any more information on the Alaska Airlines cancellation policy, you can contact customer care.

Faq's Related To Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy

How to cancel Alaska Airlines flight online?

To proceed with the online cancellation of Alaska Airlines read the steps stated beneath.
Step 1- Visit the website through any web browser.
Step 2- Log in to your account. 
Step 3- Then, select 'My Trips'.
Step 4- Choose the booking you want to cancel and go for it.
Step 5- Finally, 'Confirm' for the cancellation.
A confirmation mail will be sent to the respective email address provided at the time of booking.

How to cancel Alaska Airlines flight offline?

Alaska Airlines flight can be canceled offline by speaking to the airline's representatives through the toll-free number provided by the airlines. Representatives will assist in everything concerning the cancellation of tickets. The ticket holder should provide details when sought by the representatives for the smooth processing of cancellation.

Alaska Airlines cancellation phone number

Alaska Airlines has provided a 24/7 toll-free number for the cancellation of tickets. Ticket bearers can cancel their tickets by dialing +1-857-214-2516 and speaking to the representatives over their concern for the cancellation of tickets.

Alaska Airlines cancellation fee

Alaska Airlines’ cancellation fee is charged according to the policies of the airlines. Described below are the charges for cancellation or change of flight.
* For domestic cancellation or change 200$.
* For international cancellation or change 200$ to 500$.
* For the same day 75$.

Cancellations made before 24-hours of the booking are liable for a full refund.

How to cancel Alaska Airlines flight within 24-hour?

Alaska Airlines flight cancellation within 24-hours can be done by the online method through the website, offline method through dialing the toll-free number, through ticket counters and travel agencies. Tickets canceled within 24-hours will be refunded fully without any cancellation charges.

How to get a refund on Alaska Airlines flight cancellation?

To get a refund on Alaska Airlines flight cancellation, you can visit the website and fill in the online refund form with all the required credentials and proceed according to the instructions. Refunds will be initiated in the same manner as the payment was made. 
A refund can also be requested through the offline method by speaking to the representatives through the toll-free number or through the travel agencies. It usually takes 20 working days if payments were made through cash whereas it takes 7 working days if payments were made through credit cards.

Is there a refund while canceling Alaska Airlines flight after 24 hours?

Yes, there is a refund if the flight is canceled after 24- hours. A certain amount is charged as the cancellation fee under the policy of the Alaska Airlines.

Best time to cancel Alaska Airlines flight tickets.

Canceling tickets within 24-hours of purchase is the best time. Cancellations made within this time period are subjected to a full refund under the policy of Alaska Airlines.

How to get a full refund on Alaska Airlines flight cancellation?

To get a full refund through Alaska Airlines flight cancellation you must cancel the ticket 24-hours of the initial purchase of the ticket. To claim for a refund you can visit the website and fill in the online refund form. The refund will be credited back, in the same manner, the booking was made. You can also visit the ticket counter or call the representatives through the toll-free number for a refund.

What is the process of refund when flight cancel by Alaska Airlines?

When a flight is canceled by Alaska Airlines under any circumstances besides natural calamities then a full refund is credited to the ticket bearers account. A refund can be sought through the ticket counter or calling the representatives.

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