Air France Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel Air France Flight Ticket To Get Money Back

air France cancellation policy

Perfectly planned journeys do change sometimes under unavoidable circumstances. And if due to this, flight tickets get to cancel, it is doubly agitating.  Follow the Air France cancellation policy to get refunds in case of the cancellation of flights.

Air France Refund Policy

For tickets cancelled by you within the time period of 24-hours of the initial purchase of then, cancellation fee won't be imposed upon you by Air France. It is advisory for the benefit of the passengers to cancel tickets 24-hours prior to the departure of the flight. To avail these hallmark tickets, bookings should be carried out within 7 days before the scheduled departure of the flight. For tickets cancelled a few hours before the laid out time of the departure of flight by the Airlines, cancellation charges levied by Air France will be applied accordingly.

Points To Remember

If the trip fails, you could return the entire cost of the return ticket or at least part of it according to air France refund policy. How much exactly depends on the fare, time before departure, and what kind of refund you are making out. If the ticket is non-refundable, not all is lost either.

1) Keep Measure Of Time

Do not delay the return of the ticket so as not to spend too much. Closer to the departure date, some airlines increase fees. After registration ends, tickets become irrevocable and burn out in most cases.

2) Decide On The Type Of Return

There are many ways to get a refund for an Air France flight.

A forced return of a ticket is when you cannot fly for a good reason related to force majeure - with you or with the airline. In this case, you will be returned all the money even for a non-refundable ticket.

The voluntary return of a ticket is when your plans changed, and you changed your mind about flying. Then you will be returned as much as is required by the rules of the tariff. If you have a ticket without the possibility of a refund, then you can only claim fees and taxes, and some of them may also be non-refundable: the exact amount will be calculated by the airline.

3) Check Specific Policy-

Find out the air France cancellation policy USA at your fare and find out whether it is profitable to hand over a ticket. Read the full fare rules for which the ticket was bought: it should say whether it can be returned and fees will be deducted from you. Calculate how much you will get back to know if it makes sense to spend time on making a return.

4) Start The Return Process

Contact the place where you bought the ticket: to the intermediary agency or directly to the airline. Inform that you refuse the flight and send a request for a refund of the ticket price. How to do it

If you bought a ticket on the Internet and want to issue a voluntary refusal, then go to the same site. In your account or through the search form Search for an order (Check my order, Find my booking). Find the reservation of the ticket you need and next to Cancel my booking and request a refund button. Select the passengers whose tickets you want to return, check all the data, including the amount to be returned, and click agree - then everything will happen automatically.

If you have already made changes to the ticket you want to return, it is possible that returning it yourself on the site will not work. Find out details about air France 24 hour cancellation policy.

5) Read The Clause Carefully

If the return decision does not suit you, for example, the airline does not return taxes and fees on non-refundable tickets, first, read the fare rules and make sure that your claims are fair.

6) Wait Until The Money Is Returned

it can take from one day to several weeks. The money will come to the bank card that you paid for the tickets. If you bought tickets in cash at the box office or in the terminal, you would receive your hard-earned money on a card, the details of which you will indicate in the application or cash.

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