Air Canada Cancellation Policy

It is understandable that things do not go as planned sometimes. Therefore, Air Canada flight cancellation is very user-friendly and easily accessible. The best time to think about the Air Canada refund policy is right at the time of booking your ticket. You should always read the Air Canada flight cancellation policy and also refund policy before you book your ticket. So that in case you need to cancel your bookings then you will be well aware of the rules and regulations of the Air Canada cancellation policy refund.

No one knows the time when unknown circumstances arise and you need to make sudden changes in your plan. So it is very essential to have the knowledge on the method and fees of cancellations on the particular flight while making the bookings and reservations

Air Canada 24 hours Cancellation Policy

According to the Air Canada 24 hour cancellation policy, passengers can cancel reservations and bookings on tickets without a fee when cancellation is done within 24 hours from the purchase and the Airlines will initiate a full refund and it is both applied on the fares of refundable and no.-refundable.

You should first check if your ticket is refundable or not. Air Canada provides free cancellation within 24 hours of booking a ticket. Air Canada's 24 hours refund policy lets a person cancel tickets without having to pay any cancellation fee. However, if you cancel your bookings beyond 24 hours then you will have to pay cancellation fee against cancellation. Some tickets are refundable while some tickets “non-refundable” are clearly printed. Such tickets do not allow any refund or change.

Air Canada Refund Policy

You need to keep in mind that tickets canceled beyond 24 hours of booking may not be refundable in some cases. If you purchased a ticket under an offer or sale then be sure that it might not be refundable after 24 hours of booking.

If a flight is canceled or delayed by Air Canada for more than 3 hours or a passenger is denied boarding and a passenger denies to take an alternative journey then that passenger is entitled to get a refund of his unused travel. 

Economic basic fare comes with restrictions like you can not make any changes or even cancel once booked. There will not be any refund beyond 24 hours of ticket purchase. Moreover, you will not get any credit for any future travel.

How To Cancel Air Canada Flight

Air Canada flight cancellation is very easy. If you booked your ticket on and your travel is still due then you can easily cancel your ticket by visiting the website. You can cancel your ticket online by clicking on My Bookings. Your refund will start processing immediately. If you bought your ticket through an agent then you will have to ask your agent for ticket cancellation.

The methods of Air Canada flight cancellation are: 

Online Air Canada Flight Cancellation Method:

  1. Log-In to account of Air Canada:- Firstly, log in to Air Canada's account through its homepage via the official website
  2. Go to Manage Booking section:- Then, go to the section on Manage Booking for making the desired cancellations.
  3. Enter ticket details:- Next, you may need to enter the details of the ticket such as the PNR number and the Surname.
  4. Choose the bookings to cancel and then tap on Cancel Booking:- Now, selection of the bookings which is to be cancelled must be made and then tap the link on Cancel Booking.
  5. Confirmation email will be sent:- After the confirmation of the cancellation, an email will be sent including the information of voucher on any of the remaining amount after the charge of the cancellation fees.

Air Canada Offline Flight Cancellation Method:

The offline method of Air Canada cancellation is via Phone. If there is an issue in the online method, flyers can go for this method, but it may take time. Passengers can dial the Air Canada cancellation Phone number at 1-844-325-1378 and then talk to the agent directly for cancelling the bookings and must also make sure to ask about the confirmation email for future reference. The Support team is available 24*7 for any help.

Through Travel Agents:

Passengers who bought tickets from the travel agents need to contact the agency itself for making the cancellations.

Air Canada Cancellation fee:

As per the terms and cancellations fee policy, Air Canada flyers have 24hours in their hands from the time of the bookings to cancel the reservation by not getting charged regardless of the type of fare chosen.

The ticket cancellation fee Air Canada illustrated below:

For Basic: Not Permitted.

Air Canada does not allow to cancel the basic ticket after 24hours has passed from the date of the original booking unless there are some emergency orders.

Non-Refundable: Flex, Standard Economy & Comfort is considered non-refundable.

For Air Canada Economy Standard cancellation fee: $25 <61days & $100 >60days

For Flex: $25 <61days & $50 >60days.

For Comfort: $0 <61days & $25 >60days.

Refundable: Latitude, flexible Premium Economy & Business fares has been considered as Refundable. Cancellations of these tickets can be done before the flight departs and refunds will be handed out within seven(7) business days.

For Latitude: $0. 

For Premium Economy, Business: $0

Award Ticket:

  • Cancel through is $125.
  • Cancel via contact centre is $150.
  • Status with Diamond:$30 (Online), $100 (Contact Center).
  • For Status with Altitude Super Elite 100k: No fee will be charged for cancellation.

Air Canada Same-day cancellation fee:

The cancellation fee for same-day changes are as follows:

  • Tickets on Basic Economy is not permitted.
  • On Standard tickets, it is $150 and $100 for the routes between JFK and Toronto, LaGuardia & Newark airports.
  • Tickets on Comfort and Flex is $75.No fee for the routes between JFK and Toronto, LaGuardia, Newark airports.
  • Tickets on Latitude- $0
  • Premium Economy fare- $0
  • Business Class fare- $0
  • On Award Tickets: $100 as per the direction on all types of tickets i.e $75 for the passengers with Aeroplan Diamond. No fee will be charged for passengers with Altitude Super Elite 100k.

For any other information, you can visit the official website of Air Canada or you can contact the customer care agents.

FAQ's Related to Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Does Air Canada reservations have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

You can cancel an Air Canada flight within 24 hours of booking for travel date after 7 days to get a refund. All other ticket cancellations are non-refundable.

How to cancel Air Canada fights online?

To cancel the Air Canada flights online, read the instructions described below:-
Step 1- Visit the official website through any web browser.
Step 2- Go to 'Manage my Bookings' tab at the top of the webpage to find your bookings. Two methods can be exercised to detect your bookings.
* For retrieval of bookings, access a single flight booking by entering the booking reference number, your last name and the card details used for making payments
* You can sign in to access all bookings done through your account. Select the flight booking you wish to cancel.
Step 3- Follow the instructions on the flight booking page to cancel your booking by clicking 'Cancel Booking'.
Step 4- After the completion of the cancellation process a confirmation email will be sent to the respective address provided at the time of booking.

How to cancel Air Canada flight offline?

Cancellation of Air Canada flight can be done through the toll-free number provided by the airlines. Any queries relating to cancellation can be accessed by calling and speaking to the airline representatives. Details of the flight to be canceled must be provided to proceed with the cancellation.

Air Canada cancellation phone number.

Toll-free number +1-888-217-8136 is provided for the cancellation of tickets. Passengers can cancel their tickets by speaking to the representatives. This toll-free number is available 24/7 for cancellation.

How to cancel Air Canada flight within 24-hours?

Air Canada flight can be canceled within 24-hours of the initial purchase of the ticket through different methods. These methods are online through the website, offline by dialing the toll-free number, ticket counter, or by the agents. Air Canada Airlines 24- hour policy states that if you cancel tickets within 24-hour of purchase then you are refunded fully whereas if tickets canceled after 24-hours are subject to charges under the airline's policy.

How to get a refund on Air Canada flight cancellation?

Refund on Air Canada flight cancellation can be initiated through which it was previously booked. If you have booked online then you need to visit the website for cancellation and refund whereas, if you have done through the ticket counter, you can visit the counter as well for refund. It takes 6-8 weeks for the refund to be processed if paid online.

Is there a refund while canceling Air Canada flight after 24-hours?

Yes, Air Canada permits cancellation and refund after 24-hours. Under the cancellation policy of the Air Canada Airlines, a certain amount is charged as a cancellation fee.

Best time to cancel Air Canada flight tickets

The best time to cancel an Air Canada Airlines flight ticket is 24-hours from the time of purchase. If canceled within this time then a full refund will be initiated by the airlines.

How to get a full refund on Air Canada flight cancellation?

To proceed with the full refund after cancellation of an Air Canada flight you must follow the steps of cancellation and refund if booked online with relevant details of the ticket. If booked offline by calling the toll free number and speaking to the representatives, then cancellation and refund will be initiated through the same process by providing details of the ticket.

What is the process of refunds when flight cancels by Air Canada?

If Air Canada cancels flights due to unfavorable conditions for flying, then a full refund will be made by the airlines to the passenger through a similar method the payment was made