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Aeromexico, which is formally known as Aerovías de México, is the flag carrier of Mexico. The scheduled services of the airlines cover over 90 destinations throughout Mexico along with the South, North and Central America. The Caribbean, Asia and Europe add to the international destinations of the airline service. Aeromexico check in service is also easy and saves a lot of time for the passengers. 

So if you want to check in Aeromexico to save your time during a journey from Mexico then you must read this article carefully. The Aeromexico web check in process is quite easy and will not take much of your time if you read and understand the answers of the following questions.

How to make Aeromexico flight check in?

An Aeromexico flight provides you with numerous options to check in on arrival to the airport or well before that using the Aeromexico online check in.

Here below, we have explained the web check in Aeromexico, which is the common most and easiest way besides Mobile Check-in and conventional Kiosk Check-in.

Aeromexico Web Check-in

If you are travelling abroad then Aeromexico check in internacional can help you save a lot of time. You can simply check in using the internet and print your boarding pass before 48 hours to the scheduled departure time of the domestic flights and 24 hours prior in case of the international flights. For either of the flight services, the Aeromexico check in online stops working two hours prior to the departure time of the flight.

The Aeromexico Colombia check in is one of the most common destinations. But then there are many destinations that are not covered by the check in system.

Atlanta, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Detroit, Memphis, Kansas City, Miami, New York, Nashville, Ontario in California, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Seattle and Tokyo are among the routes that do not have the facility of the Aeromexico connect check in. However, the Delta Airlines Online check in system is available in these regions.

  • In Amsterdam, the KLM Online check in service is available in the place of Aeromexico check in.
  • For routes like Denver and Fort Lauderdale, Lufthansa provides the online check in facility to check in Aeromexico.
  • In case you are in Paris, then you can use the Air France online check in system.
  • Havana airport has a kiosk for the Aeromexico web check in.

What are the conditions to complete the Aeromexico check in?

The ticket of the passenger should be in electronic form with the reservations not over six passengers or / and maximum four segments.

The route of the Aeromexico flights must be on a domestic or international list with the association of the Aeromexico Connect. All the segments of the airline service are confirmed for check in Aeromexico.

The people who require special services, such as infants, pets, unaccompanied minors, oxygen and wheel chair. Passengers need to arrive at the airport boarding gate carrying all the physical documents. One needs to be at the airport 45 minutes prior to the departure of the flight departure.

Aeromexico Mobile check in

Aeromexico airlines also provides an option to Aeromexico web check in using the mobile check in option. You can also download the boarding pass on your mobile phone or a tablet and show it at the security 48 hours prior to the departure in case of domestic flights. In the case of international flights, 24 hours prior to the departure.

We hope our guide on Aeromexico check in helps you

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